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Paul McCartney Now Creating Music for Video Games

Paul McCartneySir. Paul McCartney is working on a track for a video game, suggesting that video games are a great way to reach out to young people with music.

Paul McCartney, is putting a new twist into his latest work. Instead of new composing music for a album or film, one of his most recent pieces will be composed for a computer video game, which is currently unnamed. page_go Continue reading Paul McCartney Now Creating Music for Video Games »

Bruce Springsteen’s 17th Album “Wreaking Ball” & US Tour Announced

Bruce SpringsteenBruce Springsteen’s 17th album titled “Wrecking Ball“, is scheduled for release March 6, 2012 in the USA (March 5th in the UK), with an accompanying tour also in the works.  Springsteen’s latest work, an 11 track EP, was produced was produced by mufti-platinum record producer Ron Aniello, who has previously worked with artists including Candlebox, Lifehouse, Barenaked Ladies, Jars of Clay and other top artists. page_go Continue reading Bruce Springsteen’s 17th Album “Wreaking Ball” & US Tour Announced »

Rock Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland

Rock Hall of FameThe Rock Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland opened the doors to it’s new library and archives on Jan 17th, which will provide fans and scholars alike access to historic tidbits relating to the history of Rock music. Rock treasures include everything from personal letters from Mick Jagger, Madonna and Aretha Franklin, a handwritten song list for a concert by Elvis Presley, to video of the Rolling Stones 1981-1982 tour.

The collection, which is housed in four-story, $12 million dollar building, includes more than 3,500 books, 1,400 audio recordings and 270 videos. The Library also houses many photos, albums and covers, oral histories, scrapbooks and more for the public’s viewing pleasure from top artists in the history of rock. page_go Continue reading Rock Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland »

Cheap Trick to Open Music Venue & Museum in Chicago

Cheap Trick has announced plans to open a music venue with museum and eatery on Chicago’s South Side. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the band will use the site of a former auto dealership on south Michigan Avenue. The venue is located near Chess, Vee-Jay and Brunswick Records, hugely popular during the 50’s and 60’s, and where Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones and many other popular artists have recorded. page_go Continue reading Cheap Trick to Open Music Venue & Museum in Chicago »

Judas Priest Impressed by James Durbin’s Cover Song on American Idol

Contestants on the American reality show American Idol are renowned for their cover songs of industry’s icons and the same trend was repeated when season 10 Idol-aspirant James Durbin covered Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” and stole the praises of everyone in attendance.

The classic heavy metal band was present at the season finale held on Wednesday, and just before entering the arena, MTV News caught up with them to talk about Durbin’s rendition of their song and they all seem to approve the young singer unanimously. page_go Continue reading Judas Priest Impressed by James Durbin’s Cover Song on American Idol »

Have Fun With Oldies Music

The Beach Boys Online RadioToday’s world is full of millions of ways to make us detach from our daily lives and step into a new world where all of our worries and daily problems disappear. This is where entertainment comes in, and in a world where great sounds, great lyrics, and great memories thrive, it’s easy to lose yourself in the music. page_go Continue reading Have Fun With Oldies Music »

2010: Not a Good Year for Rock Anthems

Train coverRock is one of the oldest and most widely appreciated genres in the music industry. While it has evolved into numerous different sub-genres, its base meaning is still literally “to rock the world”. Many bands have made their names universally known by sticking to rock’s proven form and style. This seems to have changed in 2010, however, as last year was the worst year in the charts for rock in the last four decades.

Many people think that rock is vanishing from the chart after seeing only a handful of rock songs in 2010’s UK Top 100 singles. Only three entered the chart, a significantly lower number as compared to 13 rock songs in 2009 and 27 in 2008. Though the three-year trend showed a significant decrease, nobody anticipated it being this low. The highest rank achieved was 25th, taken by Journey with their song “Don’t Stop Believin”, a 1981 song that saw a rebound in popularity due to Glee’s remake of the classic hit.

Another track “Hey Soul Sister” from US band Train, which was also popularized by Glee, hit the chart at 83rd rank while Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” sits at 93rd. Florence and the Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love” was also ranked 59th, but it fell under the  dance genre rather than rock. From the Top 100 Albums of the Year, similar to the singles chart, only 27 discs were categorized under the rock genre.

Guy Garvey, a singer belonging to a band (Elbow) that has had six Top 40 singles in the last decade, said that rock music lives on as always. He added that the fans are grabbing albums and going to the web to download many track at one time. On final note, he said that the singles chart doesn’t really reflect the popularity of guitar music.

Based on reports, R&B and hip-hop registered almost 50% of the Top 100’s biggest hits in 2010 while pop registered a 40% share, leaving dance records at 1%.

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