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Cover Songs That Beat the Originals

happy mondays Cover Songs That Beat the OriginalsMusic is an incredible art form…can you imagine how monotonous life would be without it? What would a graduation be without “Pomp and Circumstance”? What about a wedding without the “Wedding March”? Songs have impact; this impact often inspires other artists to make their own version of popular songs from the past. Sometimes, the audience gives a negative review of the revision—inspired, no doubt by some fond memory they have of the original. At other times, the cover version makes much bigger waves than the original; sometimes  to the point that everyone forgets who initially sang it.  With all of that in mind, we have compiled a short list of covers that ended up better than the originals. page go Cover Songs That Beat the Originals Continue reading Cover Songs That Beat the Originals »

Music and Technology

recording Music and TechnologyMusic colors every part of our lives. Its nature is simple: rhythm, melody, and harmony; and with the rise of technology, these elements are capable of great musical depth.

“Today’s recorded music  is done with computers, which really has fine-tuned recording and can make multiple manipulations to perfect the sound and balance,” said Pat Pearson, a  guitar teacher and performer out of Atascadero, California. page go Music and Technology Continue reading Music and Technology »

Musicians in Movies

Change is indeed inevitable. This maxim holds true for musicians who dare to cross over to the silver screen from the airwaves. Here’s a compilation of 10 musicians who were not just popular for their voice talents, but also their acting prowess.

  • whitney houston Musicians in MoviesWhitney Houston— as early as eleven, Whitney started performing in junior gospel choir at her New Jersey church. Her self-titled debut album became the best-selling album when it was released, while her second album became the first of her albums to top the US and UK album charts. Her successes in the music industry have helped paved the way for other African-American singers to show their talents.Apart from being a great music artist, Whitney also made it to the silver screen, starring in “The Body Guard” with Kevin Costner. The movie soundtrack single “I Will Always Love You” has been considered as the best selling single in the music industry’s history. On the following year, she continued starring on movies such as “Waiting to Exhale” and “The Preacher’s Wife” which she contributed soundtracks to.

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15 Great Artists You Should Hear (15 -10)

A snare hit, thumping bass, a beautiful melody that cuts through your ear and infects your heart. We’ve all said the next three words before:“Who is that?”

nico 15 Great Artists You Should Hear (15  10)

The artists outlined in this series are a handful of artist that tend to fly a little bit below the radar. Some of these you will know, some you won’t–but you should get to know them all a little bit better.

15. Nico: Best known for being a drug-addled chanteuse, that should not repel anybody from the fact that she sang (a term I use loosely) some really beautiful songs. Listen to “These Days” off of the late 60’s album “Chelsea Girls.” With song contributions from a teenage Jackson Browne and a love-smitten Bob Dylan, the album evokes a warmth and elegance unmatched by many that followed.

14. Syd Barrett: Almost every music fan knows about Pink Floyd. And some of you may even know the leader of the group’s early years. But Syd Barrett is most remarkable to me as a damaged but brilliant (and brief) solo artist. He released two albums in 1970, “The Madcap Laughs” and “Barrett.” They were sparse, some say incomplete, but listen to “Terrapin” (off of the more superior “Madcap” album) and nothing exudes psychedelia better. Everyone from Bowie to Ray Davies cites Syd as essential, and for good reason. page go 15 Great Artists You Should Hear (15  10) Continue reading 15 Great Artists You Should Hear (15 -10) »

Beatles on iTunes (Finally)

apple Beatles on iTunes (Finally)Since the iTunes platform has been out on the market, a lot of people have fallen in love with it since it has made their listening experience more convenient and enjoyable. Most people consider iTunes the best music management system to date. It could have dominated the media center to an even greater extent but for one thing—you could not find any Beatle song in their inventory. Until recently, the Beatles were completely absent from the iTunes lineup; this was due to the clash between the two “apples”: Apple and Apple Corps, which began in the sixties, decades before the iTunes was even manufactured for commercial use. Mid-November of this year, it was announced that The Beatles could be found in the iTunes Store (finally). So let’s dig deeper into the events of the past 50 years to understand how this happened. page go Beatles on iTunes (Finally) Continue reading Beatles on iTunes (Finally) »

Top Holiday Songs for 2010

As the first snow recently started dropping the base layer on ski resorts across the country, we all know that the Yuletide season is here. Christmas would never be the same without our loved ones and (of course) our favorite holiday music. Everyone has their favorite holiday tunes; here are the most popular of them all – are any of yours on our list? page go Top Holiday Songs for 2010 Continue reading Top Holiday Songs for 2010 »

Rock The Tube Video Contest: Win an iPad and $500 in Gift Certificates

Rock The Tube Video Contest

yt screenshot Rock The Tube Video Contest: Win an iPad and $500 in Gift CertificatesUp for Grabs: An Apple iPad, Gift Certificates and More!

The Grand Prize winner will receive an Apple iPad, 50,000 points and  $500 worth of gift certificates to our sponsors’ websites ($100 for each site). Up to 4 runner-up winners will each receive 10,000 points and $500 worth of gift certificates to our sponsors’ websites ($100 for each site). The Grand Prize winner and runner-up winners will also be featured on the 977music site.

How Do I Enter?

  1. contest entry Rock The Tube Video Contest: Win an iPad and $500 in Gift Certificates Pick any song from an artist on that you feel communicates a great cause.
  2. Create a video including the song, and / or inspired by it. The sky’s the limit — you can lip-synch or dance your way to fame with an old favorite, sing  your own version of a song, or create your own animated music video to share. Dedicate your video to so we’ll know it’s authentic.
  3. Upload your video to Youtube (See Instructions).
  4. Submit your entry on’s Contests page.
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