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Rock The Tube Video Contest: Win an iPad and $500 in Gift Certificates

Rock The Tube Video Contest

yt screenshot Rock The Tube Video Contest: Win an iPad and $500 in Gift CertificatesUp for Grabs: An Apple iPad, Gift Certificates and More!

The Grand Prize winner will receive an Apple iPad, 50,000 points and  $500 worth of gift certificates to our sponsors’ websites ($100 for each site). Up to 4 runner-up winners will each receive 10,000 points and $500 worth of gift certificates to our sponsors’ websites ($100 for each site). The Grand Prize winner and runner-up winners will also be featured on the 977music site.

How Do I Enter?

  1. contest entry Rock The Tube Video Contest: Win an iPad and $500 in Gift Certificates Pick any song from an artist on that you feel communicates a great cause.
  2. Create a video including the song, and / or inspired by it. The sky’s the limit — you can lip-synch or dance your way to fame with an old favorite, sing  your own version of a song, or create your own animated music video to share. Dedicate your video to so we’ll know it’s authentic.
  3. Upload your video to Youtube (See Instructions).
  4. Submit your entry on’s Contests page.
  5. Hype your entry and tell all your friends to vote for you so you can score an iPad, 50,000 points and $500 in Gift Certificates to use on our sponsors’ websites.

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Five Favorites from Hitz and Mix Internet Radio

Hip hop originated in New York City, the results of the creative endeavors of the Latino, Afro-Caribbean and African American artists living in the South Bronx during the 70’s. This music genre is made up of sampling, rapping, beat boxing and scratching.

Before the 80’s, the hip hop genre was mostly limited in scope to the borders of the United States of America. During the 80’s its popularity started spreading to other countries. Presently, hip hop enjoys a large following in every modern country on the globe.

black eyed peas Five Favorites from Hitz and Mix Internet RadioThe influence of hip hop music has transcended genres and can be found in many different types of music; we’ve selected five songs from the Mix and Hitz Station lineups that are standouts in their fields, and whether or not they fall under the heading of hip hop, we play them side-by-side with hip hop tracks on the Hitz and Mix stations:

California Gurls
This song was performed by Katy Perry, featuring the famous hip hop star, Snoop Dogg. In this song, the amazing sounds of the guitar beats used in the 80’s can be heard clearly among the summer-themed lyrics.

Imma Be
This song by the Black Eyed Peas starts with a moderate tempo linked to urban beats, then somewhere in the middle of the song, it turns into a dance track of the fully loaded funk house type. It also boasts a music video that is a mix-up of Imma Be and another song, Rock That Body.

kesha Five Favorites from Hitz and Mix Internet RadioYour Love Is My Drug

This number by Kesha is one of the songs in her debut album entitled ‘January’. Its soundtrack is reminiscent of the 80’s feel with a chorus is all about fascinations of adolescent love, playful in nature. This song features auto-tuned vocals, and is spontaneous, lively and informal.


This song is by B.o.B, featuring Hayley Williams. Most of the melodies of this song are basically from the piano with an outstanding clapping backbeat. The song is one of the many from B.o.B’s debut album called ‘B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray’.

Need You Now (2010 Pop Mix)

A unique song by Lady Antebellum about yearning for late night friendship, this hit is written in the form of a beautifully composed ballad. By November, 2009 it hit No. 1 on the Country Charts and then migrated to pop radio. In recreating the 2010 version, which is a pop mix, the country guitar that was used previously was substituted with an electric guitar. Very delicate, but then it has the magic.


A song by Lady Gaga, she first showcased this amazing song in ‘The Fame Monster’, prior to its January 26th release. A song for the club, even though the use of a harp was integrated into this top song, this piece includes rapping performed by Beyonce Knowles. The song was originally written for Britney Spears, but was performed with great results by Lady Gaga after Spear’s recording label rejected it.

Want to sample some of the great Hitz and Mix Internet Radio we’re talking about? Enjoy some free online streaming radio – Hitz | MixJamz -  to enjoy some great streaming Internet Radio right now!

10 Advantages of Streaming Radio

online radio 10 Advantages of Streaming Radio Streaming technology is a means of allowing certain media such as video, audio and other multimedia to be transmitted via the Internet. Among all the music delivery technology around us—satellite radio, CDs, cassettes…8-tracks (maybe we’ve gone a little too far with that one)—streaming Internet Radio has become the choice of many music consumers. was created to embrace streaming technology because of the benefits that streaming radio offers to users.

What Are The Benefits?

1.  It can be viewed in real time- Media streaming allows the user to listen to music on the Internet in real time. As opposed to the conventional method of obtaining music online—downloading files from the Internet to your desktop, the music can be actually listened to instantly without using up your hard drive storing all the mp3’s.

2. You can listen to the music of your choice- Among its biggest advantages over conventional radio is the wide array of choices to select from. Internet radio offers all kinds of music genres; there’s something for every generation.

page go 10 Advantages of Streaming Radio  Continue reading 10 Advantages of Streaming Radio » Player App for Facebook

We’ve been busy making updates and developing new features and are pleased to announce the arrival of our Facebook Application! Add it to your Facebook profile to share your music with your friends!

The Facebook Application

fb app logo Player App for Facebook

Attention Facebook Addicts: now you can share your 977music playlist with your friends.The new Facebook Application allows you to add a 977music tab to your Facebook profile page.

  • Share your personal playlist with your friends
  • Play songs from your favorite artists
  • Listen to 977′s eleven channels of awesome music
  • Get the App | Application Profile Page

So, what does the Player Application Let You Do?

Share Your Playlist
fb app screenshot Player App for Facebook
You’ve probably already started a playlist on – if not, login to start one now! Your playlist can hold up to 1,000 songs – think of it as your own personal radio station – that you can play anytime, in any order with no skip limits! The Facebook App allows you to share this playlist with your friends with a 977music tab on your profile page.

Share 977′s Stations and Artist Playlists

If your friends want more than the 50 hours of music in your playlist, the Player app lets them tab over and choose their favorite type of music from 977′s 11 Internet Radio Stations or load any artist’s playlist to enjoy.

Top 40 Radio’s Top 10 Tracks

cruz Top 40 Radio’s Top 10 TracksIf you have ever been a teenager (or if you’ve ever acted like one…), then you probably remember being enamored with the Top 40 hits on the radio.  But of those 40, the only songs that will matter in the long run are those from number 10 up to number 1.  You’ve probably waited through the countdown to hear the song on the number one spot.  Secretly you are hoping that it’ll be your favourite song.  If it is, you smile to yourself, anticipating the many times the number one song will be played in the next week.

This Week’s Top 10

  1. Taio Cruz – Dynamite
  2. Eminem – Love The Way You Lie (featuring Rihanna )
  3. Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me
  4. Enrique Iglesias – I Like It featuring Pitbull
  5. Katy Perry – California Gurls (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  6. B.O.B – Airplanes (featuring Hayley Williams)
  7. Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo
  8. Usher – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (featuring Pitbull)
  9. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
  10. Drake – Find Your Love

eminem Top 40 Radio’s Top 10 TracksThe Top Forty or Top 40 is the music industry’s way of determining the most well-known songs whether across all genres.  The top 40 list refers to the top selling or the most listened to songs or music from last week; this method of tracking the most popular music started in the 1960s and has continued up to today.

This list of the most popular songs can either be determined through a survey done by a publication or radio station.  Of the songs commonly featured in the top 40, the common characteristic is that most of the top songs have just been released or are relatively new.

The top listings are not limited to the number 40.  The number of songs on the listing may differ depending on the organization doing the tracking.  It can either be “Top 20”, “Top 50” or even “Top 100.”  The number does not really matter; all the list does is to determine the most popular songs during the current week.

The Top 40 is more than a list…it’s the basis for the playlists on stations everywhere. Want to hear some great Top 40 hits? Hit up’s Hitz977 Music Flash Top 40 Radio’s Top 10 Tracks or Mix977 Music Flash Top 40 Radio’s Top 10 Tracks or Jamz977 Music Flash Top 40 Radio’s Top 10 Tracks Stations and enjoy some great streaming Internet Radio right now!

Top 5 90s Music Remakes

The 90’s was decade with some extremely memorable songs. We can say that almost all decades have songs that are worth remembering. Let us look back at the 90’s and relive the Top 5 90’s music remakes.

lou bega Top 5 90s Music Remakes 1. Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega

This song was performed by Lou Bega in 1999 in the album A Little Bit of Mambo.

A song originally composed and recorded by Perez Prado in 1949, Bega’s version was a hit in the US, Canada and Australia. It was the number 1 song in Australia in 1999 for eight weeks straight and became the best-selling single for that year. During the same year, it reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It was the only top 40 song for Lou Bega.

2. Killing Me Softly – Fugees

A song originally composed by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel in 1971 and originally titled Killing Me Softly With His Song. The hip hop group The Fugees made a remake of this song in 1996 with a version title of Killing Me Softly. The Fugee’s version became a hit in the US, reaching number two on the US airplay chart. In the UK, it reached number one and became 1996’s best selling single.

page go Top 5 90s Music Remakes  Continue reading Top 5 90s Music Remakes »

90’s Hip-Hop Music

public enemy 90’s Hip Hop Music Hip-Hop, also known as rap, is a musical genre that was derived from the hip-hop culture. It originated in the 1970’s in The Bronx, New York. Hip-hop became a famous musical genre because it allowed the urban youth to freely express themselves. The 1990’s were the Golden Age of Hip-Hop in a way, so let’s take a look back at the 90’s and reminisce about this genre’s success during that era.

Hip-hop in the 90’s was all about expressing politically conscious views in a manner that was smooth and effortless and was assisted by soft bass beats and melodic synthesizers.

In the mid-90’s, a rapid change in the hip-hop culture occurred, and some of the purists saw it as degenerating to the hip-hop culture. This rapid change was the transition into “commercial hip-hop”. It was slowly deteriorating what the emcees in the 80’s built – a culture of music, creativity, artistry and dance wherein they expressed themselves and delivered a clear and positive message to the world. page go 90’s Hip Hop Music  Continue reading 90’s Hip-Hop Music »

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