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Online Radio – What Are You Missing Out On?

japanese pop music Online Radio   What Are You Missing Out On?

If you still haven’t tried out online radio, then now is the perfect time to delve into this mountain of information and entertainment.

Online radio is revolutionizing the way people listen to the radio and if you aren’t in line with this changing trend, then you’re missing out big time. Here are a few reasons why you should tune in to online radio:

Trusted Source for Fresh News

There have probably been times when you thought your local news station was missing a big national story. Or maybe they were too slow to report what was happening.

It takes time for a locally-staffed crew to report on stories that happened beyond their jurisdiction, but with the help of online radio, you can listen to the local radio stations from everywhere.

This means that you can actually listen to first-hand news stories.

Source for New Music

The top 10 charts are fine if you aren’t bothered by their constant repetition. However, for those who like to hear new music, online radio is the way to go.

One of the best features is that you can listen to exactly what you like and avoid what you don’t. With traditional radio, you were stuck with the few stations you had. Online radio can keep track of your preferences and it can present you with the kind of music that you like.

Custom Niches

Traditional radio stations are limited to playing music of the genre. For example, you can find a channel that plays popular country songs or pop or rock or rap or a top 10 chart. However, what if you want to hear rock and rap both on a channel?

Finding such seemingly impossible combinations is possible with online radio.

Explore Different Musical Cultures

Why just confine ourselves to the boundaries of western music only? The South Asians have a bulky music industry of their own, while the Japanese can also strike the perfect chord to create those incredibly attractive dance tunes.

Online radio lets you explore different sounds of different cultures without charging you anything extra.

Listen to New and Unique People

Many spend hundreds of dollars buying audio books. Guess what? Online radio to the rescue! Choose from a selection of hundreds and listen to the free lectures and interviews of your liking.

With such a mountain of information and entertainment so easily available, there is no reason for you not to try out online radio.

Britney Spears Discusses ‘Till The World Ends’ Music Video

spears Britney Spears Discusses ‘Till The World Ends’ Music VideoIn the MTV-exclusive program “Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale,” Britney Spears gave her fans a quick tour of all the behind-the-scenes footage of her ‘‘Till The World Ends’ music video.

The location of the set was somewhere in L.A. and Britney and her team of backup dancers were dressed in black suits. To make the pop diva distinguish from the pack, she wore additional leather jacket which really gave the sexual tone of the video a major boost. page go Britney Spears Discusses ‘Till The World Ends’ Music Video Continue reading Britney Spears Discusses ‘Till The World Ends’ Music Video »

‘80s Music – What Do We Know About It?

prince 80s music ‘80s Music – What Do We Know About It?

If you ask someone about ‘80s music, they don’t always have pleasant memories. The general sentiment is that the ‘60s was the development of rock music, while the ‘70s was the ‘disco’ music decade and the ‘80s sucked.

The ‘60s belongs to bands such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the Who along with many other classic groups who influenced the development of modern rock as we know it now.

However, ‘80s music is given less significance by the masses, but the experts think it doesn’t warrant such unfair treatment.

page go ‘80s Music – What Do We Know About It? Continue reading ‘80s Music – What Do We Know About It? »

What is ‘Oldies Music?’

oldies music What is ‘Oldies Music?’

The term ‘oldies’ can be used for the mainstream music of the 1950s-‘70s, as well as for those radio programs that focus exclusively on this particular era of music. All of the oldies music that was made during the 1950s till the early 1960s is also termed as the ‘golden oldies.’

The basic genres covered by oldies music are rock, R&B and pop, but some hints of other styles such as novelty, country music and original soundtracks are also included in it.

page go What is ‘Oldies Music?’ Continue reading What is ‘Oldies Music?’ »

Tune in to Internet Radio Stations and Get Updated

internet radio Tune in to Internet Radio Stations and Get Updated

Are you a music enthusiast, games lover or a news geek? If so, you should make full use of free internet radio stations to follow your passions. If not, expand your horizons, because there is a bounteous harvest out there and something will strike your fancy.

You can tune in to a huge variety of channels from any part of the world and listen to exactly what you want.

Music is an essential part of people’s lives as they use it to help multitask, escape from the daily grind and keep themselves entertained.

Similarly, some people love to have news at their fingertips, by reading newspapers or watching the ever-present 24/7 news channels.

page go Tune in to Internet Radio Stations and Get Updated Continue reading Tune in to Internet Radio Stations and Get Updated »

Michael Bay Says Transformers 3 Will Not Suck

michael bay transformers 3 Michael Bay Says Transformers 3 Will Not Suck

‘Transformers’ series director Michael Bay is not one to make excuses for his failings, a trait that has been well admired by his fans and critics alike. As soon as it became clear that the franchise’s second installment was a flop, Bay admitted to the movie’s shortcomings.

However, he has claimed that during the production of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” all the previous issues that contributed to its predecessor’s downfall, have been resolved. page go Michael Bay Says Transformers 3 Will Not Suck Continue reading Michael Bay Says Transformers 3 Will Not Suck »

Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ in NYC Concert

lady gaga born this way Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ in NYC Concert

Lady Gaga told her fans during the Monster Ball at the jam-packed Boardwalk Hall arena, “I’ve missed you all so much!” There is no doubt that the little monsters missed the Mother Monster during her brief break from touring as well.

However, the burning question on everyone’s lips was whether Gaga would perform her brand new single ‘Born This Way’ in front of them or just stick to her older material.

While performing ‘Bad Romance’ in the middle of the show, she whispered in the microphone not to leave as there may be a surprise for them soon after that song. After a few minutes of roaring screams in a pitch-dark environment, fans were ecstatic to see Gaga back on stage, surrounded by her performers dressed in the same Grammy night skin-colored costumes to perform ‘Born This Way.’ page go Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ in NYC Concert Continue reading Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ in NYC Concert »

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