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Trans Siberian Orchestra Rocks Christmas Music

Christmas music brings out the holiday cheer. You can sing along in the car driving to your grandparent’s house, you play it when you decorate your home, and you are filled with memories from Christmas celebrations with your family. A lot of Christmas music can be repetitive or sound out of date. Modern musicians remake our favorite holiday classics and make them sound more pop or country sounding. One of my favorite bands that have remade my favorite Christmas songs is Trans Siberian Orchestra. They bring a whole new meaning to rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

Trans Siberian Orchestra eloquently keeps the holiday spirit alive by bringing together the sounds of rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, symphonic metal, and classical music. In 1996, Paul O’Neil had the idea to bring his musician friends Jon Oliva, Robert Kinkel, and Al Petrilli together to remake Christmas songs with a more up to date and new sound. They formed the group which has become a sensation for their music and live tours. Paul O’Neil knows his music and is the right man for producing rock and roll Christmas music. He managed rock bands such as Aerosmith, the Scorpions, and Humble Pie to name a few.

Their live tours are incredible and sell out all over the country. They have two casts for the east and the west sides of their touring schedules. This allows for their tours to be seen by more people around the nation. They tour during the holiday season and they wouldn’t be able to fit in as many cities in their schedule by Christmas if they didn’t have two casts. Their live performance is multi faceted with light shows, music, and pyrotechnics. The streams of light and fire are synchronized with the music so the performance stimulates more than your sense of hearing. The performance is long, but you don’t want them to end when you are at their concert. The first half is dedicated to Christmas songs, and the encore is filled with rock and roll music.

They have seven albums, and any one of them would make a great Christmas present. The new album is called Night Castle. The album took four years to produce and record, and Paul O’Neil said it was well worth the wait. They started in 2005, and in 2008 they released one song on the Internet so that their fans knew they were working on something new and they could listen to music online. Their other albums are titled: Christmas Eve and Other Stories, The Christmas Attic, Beethoven’s Last Night, The Lost Christmas Eve, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, and The Christmas Trilogy.

About the Author: Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

Remembering the 90’s

The 90s was a time of Bill Clinton, Friends and Sienfield. In regards to music, here are the top five songs and musicians along with a little trivia.

1.) Britney Spears: ‘…Baby, One More Time’

This Mouseketeer became a pop phenomenon shortly after this first hit single. Jive Records released the song on October 13, 1998. With a sexy and somewhat controversial video, the single peaked at number on the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.

The song was originally written for TLC, claimed the song’s writer, Max Martin. Unfortunately for TLC the song was nominated for a Grammy that year, and has since become Spear’s most successful song performed. Britney said, “ever girl can relate to it”. This claimed to be somewhat true, as the song sold over 750,000 copies, earning a three-times golf certification.

2.) Nirvana: ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

Off the release of Nirvana’s album, Nevermind in 1992, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, quickly became a hit. Some believe this song sparked a teenage revolution of alternative rock, which is still well recognized today. The song was Nirvana’s biggest hit, even getting a fluke remake out of Weird Al Yankovic.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ received many MTV Video Music Awards. Cobain stated, “I was trying to write the ultimate pop song”. Even after Kurt Cobain’s death critics recognized the song as being one of the greatest alternative rock songs of all time.

3.) Alanis Morissette: ’You Oughta Know’

Grammy-Award winning song written and performed by Alanis, herself, was placed on Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill in 1995. The song’s love/hate lyrics were rumored to be about Morissette’s boyfriend Dave Coulier of TV’s Full House.

This pain-ridden song, with a shocking set of musical words, was one of the first attempts to state heartache so explicitly. The song became mainstream across the teenage universe, becoming a hit in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

4.) Cher: ‘Believe”

This spark of one of Cher’s many comebacks became the single, most-listened to, hit of her career. The song has been remade four times, to fit the club scene, dance re-mix genre and ballad arena. Earning a Grammy, this multi-platinum song was written collaboratively by six individuals (Paul Barry, Matt Gray, Steven Torch, Brian Higgins, Timothy Powell and Stuart McLellan).

The song, ‘Believe’ was released in 1998, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. After it’s release, it also became a number one song in over twenty-three countries worldwide, within two weeks.

5.) Rob Thomas: ‘Smooth’

This collaborative effort between Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty), and Santana wowed music audiences with its slick lyrics and amazing guitar riffs. Rob Thomas originally wanted George Michael to sing the song for the recreated lyrics he had constructed from the song, ’Room 17’.

The song became a hit in 1999, spending over twelve consecutive weeks at number one, on the Billboard Hot 100. The same year, ’Smooth’ won three esteemed Grammy Awards, including, Song of the Year. Rob wrote the song for his wife, Marisol Thomas.

When it came to music of the 90s, there were many hits from various genres, but the above songs are the ones most still have stuck in their heads.

Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

Top 80s Songs and Their Meaning

Songs of the 80′s were all about big hair, big attitude and big fashion. For those of us who remember the 80s, looking back at the top five may take you down memory lane. But do you recall the bands or even the meaning of some of these top songs? If not, here is a reminder.

1.) Bon Jovi: ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’
The song is about a fictional working class couple, Tommy and Gina, who struggle to make ends meet and maintain their relationship. Tommy “used to work on the docks” because “union’s been on strike, he’s down on his luck”. Gina works at a diner, “workin’ for her man”.

While some have loosely interpreted the lyrics to be anti-labor, inferring that the striking labor unions are the catalyst for the troubled chain of events for Tommy and Gina, others have pointed out that the song does not clarify the circumstances behind the strike. Some believe the lone, vague reference does not equate with an anti-union political message. In fact, Jon Bon Jovi explained that he “wrote that song during the Reagan era and the trickle-down economics are really inspirational to writing songs”.

In 2006, online voters rated “Livin’ On A Prayer” #1 on VH1′s “list of The 100 Greatest Songs of the ’80s”. More recently, in New Zealand, “Livin’ On A Prayer” was #1 on the C4 music channel show’s “U Choose 40″, on the 80′s Icons list.

2.) Def Leppard: ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’

Producer Mutt Lange wanted to create a song that would make the band more accessible to mainstream audiences. Joe Elliott later commented that it was the most important song the band did, because it was about sex; and was well accepted.

Joe Elliot claimed, “There wasn’t any meaning. That was the wonderful thing about the ’80s. We were trying to write a song that was phonetically friendly. We grew up listening to David Bowie and Marc Bolan, who wrote great songs that didn’t make sense. “Sugar” was just a great title. It’s just an analogy for give it to me, baby”.

3.) Journey: ‘Don’t Stop Believin”

The song was originally released on the band’s album Escape. This power ballad first debuted in 1981, and is still the top song played on jukeboxes all over the United States and England. Don’t Stop Believin’ listed #9 on the Billboard Top 40 chart in 1981, remaining in the position for an astonishing 13 weeks.

Recently the song has aired on such television shows as: The Family Guy, The Sopranos, Scrubs and the new television hit, Glee. It has also remained on the top ten most downloaded songs list for the past four years.

4.) Madonna: ‘Like a Virgin’

Madonna has continually awed crowds with her ‘out-there’ fashion sense and sensational lyrics. This being said, it is not coincidental that her song, ‘Like a Virgin’ became such a hit after its 1984 release. ‘Like a Virgin’ ironically became many ‘firsts’ for Madonna, as it was not only her first single, but also her first #1 seller in the: U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia.

After hearing the demo, written by both Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, Madonna claimed: “…I certainly wasn’t a virgin, and, by the way, how can you be like a virgin? I liked the play on words. I thought they were clever.”

5.) AC DC: ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’

This release from AC DC’s album Back in Black became a definite on all of AC DC’s tour set lists. As their most widely recognized song, the song has never been excluded from any concert. When asked about the meaning of the video, the band said that their idea was to, “be as politically incorrect as possible.”

As of 2008 AC DC has sold over 200 million albums around the world; over half of which included the song ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’.

Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

Taylor Takes Over the Music Charts

You may have heard all the buzz about this talented, beautiful woman, Taylor Swift. She is an amazing artist that has won many awards this year and continues to produce chart topping hit songs. She has been on numerous magazine covers, television shows, and performed during music award shows. At only 20 years old she has taken over the music industry and has been a proven success not only in that industry but she can also write her own songs and act. She is a country pop artist and is accepted, admired, and appreciated by both country and pop music fans. Billboard magazine deemed her the respected title as artist of the year.

Taylor was born in 1989 and grew up in Pennsylvania. At an early age she showed an interest in writing poems and songs, performing comedy acts, and singing country music. Like a lot of other musicians, her talent may have been inherited by her grandmother who was a professional opera singer. However, instead of singing opera, she would sing country music accompanied by karaoke backgrounds. She also plays instruments such as a regular guitar and a 12 string, ukulele, and the piano.

In 2006, she released her first professional single that was played on every Internet Radio and traditional radio station. Her hit song called, “Tim McGraw,” topped the country music charts at position six. The song was written about her and her high school boyfriend, and the memories they shared together. It was a great start to her professional singing career under the recording label Big Machine Records.

After the success of her single, she released a self titled album that successfully went platinum, which means she sold more than 1,000,000 albums worldwide. The release of her second album, called “Fearless,” solidified her career as a success in the industry. This album stayed on the top of the music charts for 11 weeks, which is unheard of. “Fearless” included chart topping singles such as “White Horse” and “Love Story.”

Because of the success of the album, she was nominated for eight Grammy awards and won five American Music Awards. At the American Music Awards, she won the most coveted award as Artist of the Year.

Not only is she a great singer, but she is also an amazing actress. She has made cameos in other artists’ movies such as Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience and Hannah Montana: The Movie. In addition to having cameos in movies, she also hosted Saturday Night Live and performed some of her hit songs live on the show. She also appeared in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She is taking on the big screen next year in the movie Valentine’s Day.

Taylor Swift can sing, write songs, play music instruments, and act. Is there anything that this amazing artist can’t do?

About the Author: Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

The History of Christmas Carols

Most of us grew up singing Christmas carols, learning the lyrics to classics such as Jingle Bells or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, at a very young age. But believe it or not, carols have been sung for thousands of years and didn’t start for the sake of Christmas. They were sang pagans who were celebrating Winter Solstice. Carols were accompanies by celebrations and people dancing around stone circles. This is why the word carol is actually has Greek roots, originally pronounced choraulein, meaning “an ancient circle dance performed to flute music.”

Because the carols became a custom and tradition, early Christians decided to take over the celebrations rather than ban them, changing out the songs for more Christian ones. In AD 129, a Roman Bishop said that a song called ‘Angel’s Hymn’ should be sung at a Christmas service in Rome. Soon many composers all over Europe started to write carols. However, not many people liked them as they were all written and sung in Latin, a language that the normal people couldn’t understand. By the time of the Middles Ages (the 1200s), most people had lost interest in celebrating Christmas altogether.

St. Francis of Assisi changed this in 1223, when he started his Nativity Plays in Italy. The plays included songs or ‘canticles’ that told a story during the play. The songs were typically written in the people’s language which then gave rise to carol’s popularity again among the masses. The earliest carol that was actually written down came out in 1410. Only a very small fragment of it still exists in historic records. The carol was about Mary and Jesus meeting different people in Bethlehem.

Most carols from this time and the Elizabethan period were untrue stories, very loosely based on the Christmas story, about the holy family and were seen as entertaining rather than religious songs. They were usually sung in homes rather than in churches. Traveling singers or Minstrels started singing these carols and the words were changed for the local people wherever they were traveling.

When Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans came to power in England in 1647, the celebration of Christmas and singing carols was stopped. Puritans at that time disapproved as well of the celebration of Christmas, and did not close shop on that day, but continued to work through December 25. However, the carols survived as people still sang them in secret. Those caught singing Christmas carols could be fined five shillings for demonstrating Christmas spirit. Carols remained mainly unsung until Victorian times until 1660 when King Charles II restored the Stuarts to the throne. The public was once again able to practice the singing of Christmas carols.

Before carol singing in public became popular, there were sometimes official carol singers called ‘Waits’. These were bands of people led by important local leaders (such as council leaders) who had the only power in the towns and villages to take money from the public (If others did this, they were sometimes charged as beggars!). They were called ‘Waits’ because they only sang on Christmas Eve (This was sometimes known as ‘watchnight’ or ‘waitnight’ because of the shepherds were watching their sheep when the angels appeared to them.), when the Christmas celebrations began.

Also, at this time, many orchestras and choirs were being set up in the cities of England and people wanted Christmas songs to sing, so carols once again became popular. Many new carols such as ‘Good King Wenceslas’, were also written.

New carols services were created and became popular, as did the custom of singing carols in the streets. Both of these customs are still popular today and fortunately one can sing Christmas carols as much as they would like without being fined.

Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

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