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The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy

File SharingMost of us would quickly respond to the question “are you supporting piracy” with a unreserved “No!”. The numbers, however, tell a different story.

The way listeners are consuming music these days has changed drastically compared to just five years ago. A study conducted by MarkMonitor, an anti-fraud firm, provides a glimpse into the evolution of online piracy.

A stunning 53 billion visits per year was generated by 43 file sharing sites, the report said. From those 53 billion, 21 billion visits were generated from, Megavideo and, the top three file sharing sites. These sites have become famous as the standard peer-to-peer ways of grabbing illicit content. page_go Continue reading The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy »

Putting a Song Back on Their Lips

Afghan boy with songbookAfghanistan’s present generation will probably never forget what life was under the Taliban. A militia that gained control of this culturally rich country, the Taliban banned virtually every expression of freedom and creativity it could lay its hands on. The result was a country sapped of its soul. People outside Afghanistan have probably heard about incidents like the demolition of ancient Buddhist statues by the Taliban. In reality, however, there was a silent repression of anything imaginative, most notably music. The Taliban were infamous for publicly burning instruments and prosecuting people who engaged in music. page_go Continue reading Putting a Song Back on Their Lips »

Opinion: The Downfall of Lauryn Hill

Lauryn HillI think many of the artists that dot today’s contemporary musical landscape are, as a rule, quite vain, and ruled by their egos more than anything else. While it is true that there is the odd show of humility, most of the artists in the industry, especially those that have tasted relative success, are a little too proud for my tastes. One of these artists is Lauryn Hill, for whom I am developing a particularly intense dislike. I have loved her music ever since she was part of the Fugees, and I absolutely adored her album titled The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I think some of the songs on the album are among the best soul/reggae tracks in history; they’re up there with Bob Marley. page_go Continue reading Opinion: The Downfall of Lauryn Hill »

Royal Opera House Unveils Anna Nicole Smith-Based Opera

Anna Nicole OperaThe idea of an opera based on the late American actor Anna Nicole Smith–one of the biggest sex symbols of our generation whose antics had made her the laughing stock of the Hollywood–seems like a cheap shot for doing something unique. And that coming from a major entity like Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House, makes one to question the reason behind such a choice for the show protagonist. page_go Continue reading Royal Opera House Unveils Anna Nicole Smith-Based Opera »

“Rock the Tube” Video Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who participated in the “Rock the Tube” video contest. Each of the winners will receive $500 worth of gift certificates to be used on our sponsors’ websites plus 50,000 points to redeem for cash and prizes on! The Grand Prize winner will also receive and Apple iPad.t Our winning entries:

Grand Prize Winner – Most Effort, Best Results! – “Grenade”

by Nikoroller2

page_go Continue reading “Rock the Tube” Video Contest Winners »

Slick Marketing for an Old Genre

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - Star WarsAnyone with a keen eye in the music industry will know that there are some genres that are doomed to extinction and others that are only going to be truly appreciated by people at the periphery. Classical music is one of these genres. Although it was all the rage in the 18th and 19th centuries, it has been squeezed out of the mainstream and is now mostly enjoyed by old pensioners and the odd musically inclined young adult or teenager. Classical music appreciation, unfortunately, is almost non-existent amongst the younger members of our society. It has to compete with the likes of Taylor Swift and Eminem and their packaged, consumer-friendly tunes and rhythms. page_go Continue reading Slick Marketing for an Old Genre »

John Lennon’s Legacy Lives On

GOASTTNo doubt you feel a twinge of envy after hearing the story of the couple Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl, considering that Sean is the only child of the late John Lennon and Yoko Ono, while Charlotte is a magazine runway model. The two dwell in simplicity, their main activities together being sketching, talking about films and going to cafés. Their story resembles a clip from Godard movie; both unreal and ideal.

When they wrote the song “The World Was Made for Men”, the couple said that they were just kidding around one day. The song was created based entirely on a lush harmonious collaboration of voices, and was first heard on last year’s album “The Acoustic Sessions”. Charlotte said that they both wrote the song and wondered if they would have a band eventually. This dream later became a reality for the two when they launched GOASTT.

Looking at how Charlotte entered into the music industry, we see that she had just been a typical musician with nothing more but her old acoustic guitar, given to her by her father. Music initially just served as her diversion when the fashion industry was on its ebb.

On the other hand, Sean was not a newcomer to the music industry. At the tender age of 20, he was  the back up for his mother’s album “Rising”. Then he joined Cibo Matto, a New York pop group with an inclination toward art. Nevertheless, when he decided to go solo, his music did not earn him attention from fans. This was seen on his first album “Into the Sun” which was released in 1998. The album was a compilation of psychedelic pop songs which was launched through the Beastie Boy’s Grand Royal Records. In 2006, he made his second solo album, “Friendly Fire”, but again did not gain much attention.

Everything changed with the launch of GOASTT, which seemed to give Lennon the energy to graduate from the small time circuit. Having Charlotte beside him has definitely changed  things for Sean Lennon.

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