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Lady Gaga in Full Flow at the Cannes Film Festival

gaga cannes Lady Gaga in Full Flow at the Cannes Film Festival

If there is any one in the music industry who can completely steal the limelight of an event, it is Lady Gaga. In early May, she registered herself in attendance at the Cannes Film Festival in order to perform on the French TV program ‘Le Grand Journal.’

Before the actual show, the Mother Monster was seen in a bright leather vest with the words ‘Born This Way’ printed on its back. On top of the highly fashionable vest, she dyed her hair in multiple colors to leave the rest of the A-list celebrities looking all alike, giving the audience more of a ‘Gaga and the others’ type of theme. page go Lady Gaga in Full Flow at the Cannes Film Festival Continue reading Lady Gaga in Full Flow at the Cannes Film Festival »

Blink 182: Moving on after Producer Jerry Finn’s Death

blink 182 Blink 182: Moving on after Producer Jerry Finn’s DeathBlink 182’s bass guitarist and co-lead singer Mark Hoppus sat down with MTV last week and revealed how the punk rock band is trying hard to finally wrap up the album, which they have been working on for a long time now.

Hoppus said that one of the main reasons for the massive delay has been the fact that all the three band members have their personal projects and therefore, finding time for Blink 182 has been tough for them all. However, what many don’t know is that band suffered a major blow three years ago when their longtime producer Jerry Finn died. Not only did he supervise the trio’s last three studio inventions, but he also advised them on their personal and business matters and critiqued their music without any bias. Finn also contributed his part in the studio, where his valuable suggestions helped the Blink fine-tune their multiplatinum music. The producer has been associated with the group since their 1997 album Dude Ranch, which is why Hoppus thinks that they are so badly shaken up by his untimely death. page go Blink 182: Moving on after Producer Jerry Finn’s Death Continue reading Blink 182: Moving on after Producer Jerry Finn’s Death »

Adele: Beyonce’s Alter Ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ Keeps Her Stage Fright in Check

adele Adele: Beyonce’s Alter Ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ Keeps Her Stage Fright in Check

Not content with beating Britney Spears on US music charts and spearheading the new musical attack mounted on the American soil by Britain, Adele achieved another big honor when the famous Rolling Stones magazine decided to feature her on the cover of the next issue.

Her fame and good fortune has sky rocketed in recent months and one would think that it must be getting pretty routine for Adele to find herself in the limelight, but the reality is that she is still coming to terms with the piling list of honors that she has witnessed in her short musical career so far. In fact, she still regularly experiences stage fright and anxiety attacks before her performances, which might appear odd to some considering that she almost always looks calm and composed in studio sessions as well as during her live performances.

In a recent interview the Chasing Pavements-singer revealed that she is frightened of standing in front of the audience and once in an Amsterdam show, she got so nervous that she almost escaped down the emergency exit. She also said that touring is not one of her favorite things and she has also thrown up on several occasions during her concerts.

page go Adele: Beyonce’s Alter Ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ Keeps Her Stage Fright in Check Continue reading Adele: Beyonce’s Alter Ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ Keeps Her Stage Fright in Check »

Pauly D: Honored to DJ for Britney Spears

‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D was just coming to terms with the honor of being named as the in house DJ to back up Britney Spears at Rain nightclub at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, when lady luck smiled at him once again. He was chosen to DJ Britney Spears for her MTV Special program “Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale.”

The budding DJ told MTV that Las Vegas has always been one of his favorite places, and to be able to DJ for a superstar like Britney Spears at the Rain nightclub is a feeling that’s out of this world. He said that being associated with an international phenomenon like Britney Spears has brought him into the A-league of the business and it gives him the feeling that now he is a proven DJ. Pauly also added that playing behind the “Oops, I Did It Again” singer has legitimised his career, and that it was incredible to see her perform and to share the stage with her. page go Pauly D: Honored to DJ for Britney Spears Continue reading Pauly D: Honored to DJ for Britney Spears »

The Extraordinary Royalty

How are you listening to online music lately? You have probably taken advantage of the wide variety of songs available for free or at a cheaper rate. Few commercial, no DJ interrupting the show and throwing some corny jokes; these are the initial attractions of online radio. While these are good news in terms of the listening experience, you may have to wonder how internet radio stations are making a profit, since they have to pay royalty fees for every song they play. page go The Extraordinary Royalty Continue reading The Extraordinary Royalty »

Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park

linkin park Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park1996, California—SuperXero was born. The name may be unfamiliar to you, but this was the name of a band that had ingeniously combined the sounds of rock and rap with brilliant results. It was this year when six friends formed the band: Rob Bourdon on drums, Brad Delson on the guitar, Mike Shinoda for vocals, Dave Farrell on the bass, Joe Hahn running the turntable and Mark Wakefield as the lead singer. The name SuperXero was soon changed to Xero due to low interest from its target audience. This poor level of enthusiasm from the potential fan base triggered the band’s lead singer to leave. It’s rare to hear music by the early iteration of the band, SuperXero on any local or Internet radio
. page go Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park Continue reading Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park »

Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance

She is a two time Grammy award winner, has just dropped a new album that debuted at the number 1 position in the biggest music industry in the world, has millions of admirers stretched over multiple continents, and has achieved the pinnacle of the fame and fortune already, but what Adele has always wanted the most was a session on the famous ‘VH1 Unplugged.’ It seems as if she has fulfilled her ultimate wish now; the London-born singer made her inaugural ‘Unplugged’ performance in early March 2011. page go Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance Continue reading Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance »

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