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Selena at the AMA’s

selena-gomez-surprises-fans-at-hillsong-concertSelena Gomez’s return to the spotlight at the 2016 American Music Awards seems to become more of a reality every day.  AMAs producer Larry Klein told E! News that Gomez could show up and this claim is backed up by a second source who stated that Selena would be there.  What about her Ex Justin Beiber.  No worries for her because the Biebs is in Europe for his ‘Purpose’ tour, and will perform via satellite for the show.

Don’t expect Selena to perform because she hasn’t been rehearsing and she just left rehab but it’s still going to be nice to see her and she how she looks.  You go girl and we’re behind you 100%

Marc Anthony…splitsville

antandloMarc Anthony is separating from his wife of 2 years and it doesn’t come without some controversy. His news comes after a few hours after he and Jennifer Lopez shared some serious PDA.

Marc and Shannon De Lima reportedly have only been serperated for a short time but that didn’t stop Marc from locking lips with JLo. BTW, they got married back in 2014, and have no children together.

During Thursday night’s Latin Grammys J Lo presented Marc with an award and then they lockd lips but J Lo’s manager is denying any kind of a romantic connection.

Kanye West Would Have Voted for Trump…..

…..If he had voted!

Kanye last night told the concert goers at his Saint Pablo Tour show in San Jose that “I would have voted on Trump”.  He didn’t vote though so why even say anything?

At a cost of several songs, Kanye went on a 40 minute political rant about about the paradigm shift.  More or Less Kanye praised Trump for providing the disruption Washington needed.

“Whether you voted for Hillary or Trump, this is a safe space for both of you,” he told the audience

He also reiterated his desire to run for president in 2020, saying his focus would be on education and that his campaign would use a different political model.   We all can’t wait.  After the Trump win, anything’s possible right?

kanyeThe attitude at the show was very mixed.  Kanye was apparently happy when one woman screamed that she loved him in spite of his appreciation of Trump’s campaign, but there was also a lot of booing, stunned silence and even a few projectiles – one of which was a Yeezy shoe, which Kanye promptly signed and returned to the thrower.  Gotta love Kanye.

Will The Rolling Stones Play for the Donald at his Inaguration?


The Rolling Stones will have been invited to perform for Donald Trump’s Presidential  Inauguration in January.

If this offer is true, it’s really hard to believe, given a history of hatred between The Donald and  and the Rolling Stones. But maybe Trump is trying to make nice, and there’s an opportunity for  the Stones to unify warring factions.

Rumor has it Trump could be paying the Stones upwards of $5 million dollars, probably more  since during the campaign, Justin Bieber was reportedly offered $5 million to play a Republican  event. That offer was declined, following rumored manager Scooter Braun. Must be nice to turn  down 5 Million dollars huh?

There are certainly other artists that have been supportive of a Donald Trump presidency. But the Stones are not only popular, they’re in great performing shape with the 73-year-old Jagger able to dance effortlessly on stage.

The Rolling Stones have not responded to an inquiry regarding the reported invitation but you can be sure we’ll let you know if they decide to pull the trigger.

How To Stay Safe When Downloading Free Music

The internet is full of websites offering to letcopyright people download music for free. The problem is some of these websites are nothing more than malware or other spyware programs that will make get into your hard drive and wreak havoc.

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you only download free music from legit sites or better yet, listen to free music on HitsRadio. There are a lot of swapping and trading sites online and those are the ones you need to stay far, far away from. Generally speaking the music offered on those sites is being offered completely illegal. These are the sites that are usually set up to invade your computer with malicious software.

Anytime you download a song the software will find its way onto your hard drive. This software can be something as simple as annoying pop ups that won’t go away or the type of software that steals your personal information. Either way it is nothing you want to play with. Even annoying pop ups can completely ruin your computer. And if you don’t know how to remove it you may have to pay hundreds of dollars to have it done.

So always do your research to find out which sites are legit. Doing so can save you a lot of time and frustration later on down the road. Don’t put your computer or your personal identity at risk just to download some free music. Find out if the site is legit and only then should you do business with them and last but not least enjoy the free music we offer on

Why Is It So Easy To Find Free MP3 Music Downloads?

Free Mp3 Downloads

There are basically two main reasons you are able to find free MP3 music downloads so easily. The first one is because a lot of musicians find it very difficult to get into the music business. Often times when you go through a big record label companies, they will try to mold and groom you into something they want you to be.

These days more and more people are refusing to change their image to please a record label. They therefore set out to make things happen on their own. Setting out to do things on your own can sometimes be extremely difficult. That’s why many up and coming musicians will use free MP3 music downloads to help get their music out.

Giving away free tracks is a great way to build a loyal following. If they like what they hear they will have no problem paying for your tracks later on down the road.

Another reason it is so easy to find free MP3 music downloads is because big record labels see the value in giving away a few free tracks right before an artist comes out with a new album. It let’s the fans hear a small sample of what’s soon to come. This allows them to hear before they buy. If they like what they hear they will be more likely to purchase other downloadable tracks from the album.

And to prove the point even more there have been several studies that show people buy an album after listening to it online.

The Number One Place To Get Online Music

itunesThe internet has literally changed the way we do everything. Even listen to music. No longer do you have to run out to your local music store to pick up a CD. Instead you can listen to it online and even take it with you everywhere you go on your smart phone. These days it is all about Internet Radio sites like HitsRadio as they offer quicker, affordable, free and more convenient way to access the music you love. But what are your options if you want to purchase and download the music you hear on

There is only one that can be considered the best and that is iTunes. iTunes is without a doubt the most popular online music store in existence. They have over 20 million tracks in their database and have sold over 25 billion songs as of 2013.

The great thing about iTunes is they will often have the latest albums available within hours, sometimes minutes of hearing it on Some online music stores won’t have new music until weeks after it has been released. Who wants to wait weeks to get access to your favorite new songs?

Other big companies such as Google and Amazon have opened their own online music stores in recent years. We’re a big fan of the Amazon Store file format and ease of getting our MP3’s onto our devices but, neither one can compare to iTunes. It is truly in a league of its own. You won’t find another store more organized and user friendly than the iTunes store. And thanks to the dedicated app syncing your music with all of your devices is a breeze. Just set-up an account, search for your music, pay for it, synch and listen to it. Of course, when you’re ready to experience an easy, laid back experience, there’s nothing better than

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