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Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance

She is a two time Grammy award winner, has just dropped a new album that debuted at the number 1 position in the biggest music industry in the world, has millions of admirers stretched over multiple continents, and has achieved the pinnacle of the fame and fortune already, but what Adele has always wanted the most was a session on the famous ‘VH1 Unplugged.’ It seems as if she has fulfilled her ultimate wish now; the London-born singer made her inaugural ‘Unplugged’ performance in early March 2011. page go Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance Continue reading Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance »

Have Fun With Oldies Music

beach boys Have Fun With Oldies MusicToday’s world is full of millions of ways to make us detach from our daily lives and step into a new world where all of our worries and daily problems disappear. This is where entertainment comes in, and in a world where great sounds, great lyrics, and great memories thrive, it’s easy to lose yourself in the music. page go Have Fun With Oldies Music Continue reading Have Fun With Oldies Music »

The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy

file share The Numbers That Reveal Online PiracyMost of us would quickly respond to the question “are you supporting piracy” with a unreserved “No!”. The numbers, however, tell a different story.

The way listeners are consuming music these days has changed drastically compared to just five years ago. A study conducted by MarkMonitor, an anti-fraud firm, provides a glimpse into the evolution of online piracy.

A stunning 53 billion visits per year was generated by 43 file sharing sites, the report said. From those 53 billion, 21 billion visits were generated from, Megavideo and, the top three file sharing sites. These sites have become famous as the standard peer-to-peer ways of grabbing illicit content. page go The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy Continue reading The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy »

Putting a Song Back on Their Lips

afghan boy Putting a Song Back on Their LipsAfghanistan’s present generation will probably never forget what life was under the Taliban. A militia that gained control of this culturally rich country, the Taliban banned virtually every expression of freedom and creativity it could lay its hands on. The result was a country sapped of its soul. People outside Afghanistan have probably heard about incidents like the demolition of ancient Buddhist statues by the Taliban. In reality, however, there was a silent repression of anything imaginative, most notably music. The Taliban were infamous for publicly burning instruments and prosecuting people who engaged in music. page go Putting a Song Back on Their Lips Continue reading Putting a Song Back on Their Lips »

Opinion: The Downfall of Lauryn Hill

lauryn hill Opinion: The Downfall of Lauryn HillI think many of the artists that dot today’s contemporary musical landscape are, as a rule, quite vain, and ruled by their egos more than anything else. While it is true that there is the odd show of humility, most of the artists in the industry, especially those that have tasted relative success, are a little too proud for my tastes. One of these artists is Lauryn Hill, for whom I am developing a particularly intense dislike. I have loved her music ever since she was part of the Fugees, and I absolutely adored her album titled The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I think some of the songs on the album are among the best soul/reggae tracks in history; they’re up there with Bob Marley. page go Opinion: The Downfall of Lauryn Hill Continue reading Opinion: The Downfall of Lauryn Hill »

Royal Opera House Unveils Anna Nicole Smith-Based Opera

anna nicole Royal Opera House Unveils Anna Nicole Smith Based OperaThe idea of an opera based on the late American actor Anna Nicole Smith–one of the biggest sex symbols of our generation whose antics had made her the laughing stock of the Hollywood–seems like a cheap shot for doing something unique. And that coming from a major entity like Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House, makes one to question the reason behind such a choice for the show protagonist. page go Royal Opera House Unveils Anna Nicole Smith Based Opera Continue reading Royal Opera House Unveils Anna Nicole Smith-Based Opera »

“Rock the Tube” Video Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who participated in the “Rock the Tube” video contest. Each of the winners will receive $500 worth of gift certificates to be used on our sponsors’ websites plus 50,000 points to redeem for cash and prizes on! The Grand Prize winner will also receive and Apple iPad.t Our winning entries:

Grand Prize Winner – Most Effort, Best Results! – “Grenade”

by Nikoroller2

page go Rock the Tube Video Contest Winners Continue reading “Rock the Tube” Video Contest Winners »

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