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Is Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’ Madonna-Influenced?

Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ has been the favorite talk subject among many music enthusiasts since the moment she decided to release the song two days early.

The song quickly shot to the number one spot on iTunes; that fact reflects the level of love the fans have for their beloved Fame Monster. However, shortly after its release, many music experts started comparing Born This Way’s tracks with those of another pop queen: Madonna. With the reactions coming thick and fast, MTV contacted some of the Gaga-music experts to share their take on the song. page go Is Gaga Hit Born This Way Madonna Influenced? Continue reading Is Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’ Madonna-Influenced? »

The-Dream: Getting His Act Together

Play The-Dream’s Duet with Kim Kardashian On “Turn It Up”

Life is full of ups and downs, and who knows this better than Terius Youngdell Nash, better known as ‘The-Dream’ in the music industry. Just a year ago, the artist was ready to end his musical career and even his life, as he later admitted to having suicidal thoughts. This, coming from an artist who has powered hit songs for artists as big as Mariah Carey and Rihanna, seems disturbing. page go The Dream: Getting His Act Together Continue reading The-Dream: Getting His Act Together »

After the Show—Following Grimm

grimm After the Show—Following GrimmBefore the night of the 5th America’s Got Talent season finale took place, who would have thought that anybody else could be America’s favorite than Prince P and Jackie? True enough, every show has its own twist of fate; you can’t expect anything more unpredictable than the result of a talent show. After putting his best foot forward the night before the finale, Michael Grimm was announced as the next America’s Got Talent victor. So: what’s he been up to since his big win? page go After the Show—Following Grimm Continue reading After the Show—Following Grimm »

MTV’s Music Meter – The Perfect Spot for Fresh Talent

mtv MTV’s Music Meter – The Perfect Spot for Fresh TalentAre you the type who listens to a song just because it was done by your favorite artist? Or do you judge a song as a cool track because it really is – based on all the given factors? If you want to find good music, either from a branded or a yet-to-be-known artist, MTV Music Meter will make things easier for you.

The Music Meter helps you find the names of the artists who are currently making a buzz on the music scene. Music Meter artists may be newcomers or someone who has been there for a long time, but is just waiting for a platform to share their songs with the world. MTV Music Meter does not gauge popularity based on album sales alone; this is MTV’s way of providing an avenue to talents who play any genre there is. Music Meter let the world know what sort of talent an artist has and why many people are listening to his music. page go MTV’s Music Meter – The Perfect Spot for Fresh Talent Continue reading MTV’s Music Meter – The Perfect Spot for Fresh Talent »

Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ Announcement

gaga Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ AnnouncementIf you are following Lady Gaga on Twitter, then you have probably seen her tweet regarding her special announcement to make about her upcoming album entitled “Born This Way”. Behold little monsters: Mother Monster is up with a usual thrilling announcement.

The news? Lady Gaga announced to her fans on New Year’s Eve she considers this new album to be her most innovative to date, and it will be out in record stores in May, following the release of her first single in February. Could there really still be a ‘more innovative’ album after The Fame Monster…? page go Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ Announcement Continue reading Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ Announcement »

Avril Lavigne Excited That Rihanna Sampled “I’m With You”

lavigne Avril Lavigne Excited That Rihanna Sampled “I’m With You”One of the most thrilling moments artists experience involves the reuse of their songs by other artists. For them, this is an indication that they did such a good job with their rendition that other artists have been inspired by it. Simply put, this tells that they have created a song with impact.

This appears to hold true for Avril Lavigne. During an interview, Avril said that she was excited to listen to her song “I’m With You” being sampled in Rihanna’s song “Cheers (Drink to That)” from her latest album “Loud”. She added that it is one of her favorite songs; that she always love to include in her performance. She was impressed with Rihanna’s performance saying that she’s a great singer. page go Avril Lavigne Excited That Rihanna Sampled “I’m With You” Continue reading Avril Lavigne Excited That Rihanna Sampled “I’m With You” »

Alanis Morissette and Souleye Welcome First Child on Christmas Day

alanis Alanis Morissette and Souleye Welcome First Child on Christmas Day Another Christmas baby! Aside from Sir Elton John and David Furnish, who welcomed their first child, Alanis Morissette received a joyful Christmas gift as well – her baby boy.

Alanis and husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway welcomed their first child, named Ever Imre, who was born on December 25. ‘Ever’ came from Alanis’ twin brother who has the same name, while ‘Imre’ is a common Hungarian name. Ever Imre, according to the singer’s representative was delivered to the world on Christmas Day and “all are healthy and happy”. page go Alanis Morissette and Souleye Welcome First Child on Christmas Day  Continue reading Alanis Morissette and Souleye Welcome First Child on Christmas Day »

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