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Chris Brown Shares His Embarrassing Musical Incidents

Chris BrownIt hasn’t been long since Chris Brown found his big break on the US musical scene and one while many think that his experiences in his young career might be limited, but the singer has a lot to talk about, what seems like a very eventful journey so far. On the most recent episode of MTV program ‘When I Was 17,’ Breezy shared a few of his most embarrassing memories that took place in the early part of his musical career.

The F.A.M.E. star said that when he was 17 years old, he was traveling to perform in different parts of the world, as part of his world music tour. He recalled that just before the start of one of his shows, he ate something that gave him food poisoning and as a result, his stomach started to bubble right in the middle of his musical act on stage. The R&B singer tried to resist the temptation like any professional musician would do and tried to finish the show. But when the nature comes calling, there is nothing much one can do. page_go Continue reading Chris Brown Shares His Embarrassing Musical Incidents »

Britney Spears Steals the Limelight at the Wango Tango Music Festival

Wango Tango 2011

Britney Spears is the headline-making personality at events where she is not even the main guest or even performing. It’s this media-attracting power of hers that forced KIIS FM to hand her the responsibility of co-hosting their yearly Wango Tango along with the famed A-list anchorperson Ryan Seacrest. The Los Angeles-based radio station organized the event yesterday night (May 14) at the city’s famous Staples Center.

The guests included a blend of hip hop and pop artists such as, Ke$ha, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Selena Gomez, “Glee” ‘s Matthew Morrison, Lupe Fiasco, T-Pain, Jason Derülo, Far East Movement, New Boyz, Cobra Starship and new arrival on the music scene Cody Simpson.

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Christina Perri is Lovestrong on her First Studio Album

Christina PerriChristina Perri, whose first album ‘Lovestrong’ is scheduled to hit the US stores in a couple of days, had always wanted to be a professional musician from the very beginning. Ina a recent interview with MTV News, the 24 year old singer said that she has been singing in front of people in churches, barbershop or any other place where she got the chance from as long as she can remember. She had always been keen to showcase her talent in front of audience, even if the listeners didn’t want to listen to her. Now, even after accomplishing her dream, Perri has no intentions of slowing down.

Even though her musical talents and vocal ability is there for everyone to see, she would have still found it hard to be able to share stage with British singer James Blunt, if it wasn’t for the immense success of her song ‘Jar of Hearts,’ which got her noticed very quickly on the big stage. She recalled that since her song got featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ her whole life changed completely for good. The former waitress was immediately invited by big record companies in New York City, where she signed up with Atlantic Records. page_go Continue reading Christina Perri is Lovestrong on her First Studio Album »

Judas Team Explains Lady Gaga’s Personality

Lady Gaga Poker FaceThere are many sides of Lady Gaga’s vastly creative and somewhat enigmatic character. She’s the premier pop superstar of the world, a fashion pioneer and a social activist for those, who are ill-treated and neglected by the masses. The “Born This Way star assumed the role of Mary Magdalene in her latest ‘Judas’ music video and her co-star from the project Rick Gonzalez and Norman Reedus, who played the roles of Jesus and Judas respectively, have come forward to explain what it is like to work with her.

Ina recent interview with MTV, Reedus went first and described Gaga as a super cool girl from New York. He revealed that Gaga is religious and offers her prayers regularly. He described the Mother Monster as a team player, who is not afraid to speak her mind out and unlike the perceived-opinion; Reedus said that she is not weird in any way. He further added that Gaga is a very bold and open-minded artist, who loves challenges and ‘really takes the bull by the horns.’

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International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is May 28th!

Calling Jazz Music Fans World-wide. International Jazz Day, which occurs each year on May 28th, is a great opportunity to celebrate an unbelievably dynamic music genre encompassing everything from the Bebop to the Blues, and much more!

What is Jazz?

While Jazz Music has only been around since the begging of the 20th century, it has quickly blossomed from it’s humble beginnings into a wide dynamic range of sub-genres, including Bebop, Dixieland, Fusion and many more. The Jazz genre itself seems unwilling to accept a static label and it may be exactly as Jazz critic Joachim-Ernst Berendt suggests, the “spontaneity and vitality of [Jazz] musical production in which improvisation plays a role”; and “sonority and manner of phrasing which mirror the individuality of the performing jazz musician” ultimately makes it a genre that is very difficult to define.

One might go so far to say that each Jazz musician may in fact be creating a sub-genre unto themselves, as skilled Jazz performers will often interpret tunes based on their mood, experience, interactions with fellow musicians, or even the audience’s response and reaction to the music. So if you’ve been wondering why over just the last century we’ve seen the creation of more than half a dozen new ‘official’ Jazz sub-genres, now you know. page_go Continue reading International Jazz Day »

‘See No More’ by Joe Jonas is “a Dream Come True”

Joe Jonas is scheduled to release his debut solo song ‘See No More’ on 3rd June, with its digital copy being made available for the fans to download from 13th June. The whole album is slated for a September 2011 release and the middle brother of the famous band of siblings, is excited for everyone to give him feedback on how he fared on ‘See No More,’ a track on which he was assisted during the production phase by R&B singer Chris Brown.

Joe was present at the Wango Tango music festival at the weekend, where he briefly spoke to MTV News, during which he said, “[It’s] very exciting and I’m looking forward to all the fans hearing it and hopefully new ones [as well].” He further revealed that he is in touch with a video director, who will come up with the ideas for the ‘See No More’ music video in the near future for the singer to approve.

He explained, “I think it’s more so about how the emotions and the feelings that are going through and how you’re dealing with them and just displaying them in physical actions, so it’ll be the first really thought-out video that I’ve done.”
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Laurieann Gibson Explains the Religious Visuals in Lady Gaga’s Judas Music Video

Judas - Lady Gaga
It seems that most of Lady Gaga’s inventions these days stir up controversy, even if she didn’t mean to do it. Her latest music video ‘Judas’ has a lot of biblical content, and there is every chance that religious enthusiasts may start debating the lyrics’ intended meaning in the near future, but the singer herself maintains that it is not an anti-religion video and she never meant to hurt religious groups.

Soon after its highly anticipated release, Gaga explained, “[Judas] is not meant to be an attack on religion. I respect and love everyone’s beliefs.” During the video’s promotion campaign, she tried to clarify on multiple occasions that her song is not an attack on any religion. Instead, she suggested that “it’s meant more to celebrate faith than it is to challenge it.”
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