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Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park

linkin park Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park1996, California—SuperXero was born. The name may be unfamiliar to you, but this was the name of a band that had ingeniously combined the sounds of rock and rap with brilliant results. It was this year when six friends formed the band: Rob Bourdon on drums, Brad Delson on the guitar, Mike Shinoda for vocals, Dave Farrell on the bass, Joe Hahn running the turntable and Mark Wakefield as the lead singer. The name SuperXero was soon changed to Xero due to low interest from its target audience. This poor level of enthusiasm from the potential fan base triggered the band’s lead singer to leave. It’s rare to hear music by the early iteration of the band, SuperXero on any local or Internet radio
. page go Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park Continue reading Before Success Knocked on the Door: Get to Know Linkin Park »

Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance

She is a two time Grammy award winner, has just dropped a new album that debuted at the number 1 position in the biggest music industry in the world, has millions of admirers stretched over multiple continents, and has achieved the pinnacle of the fame and fortune already, but what Adele has always wanted the most was a session on the famous ‘VH1 Unplugged.’ It seems as if she has fulfilled her ultimate wish now; the London-born singer made her inaugural ‘Unplugged’ performance in early March 2011. page go Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance Continue reading Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance »

Online Radio: Why it’s a Big Deal

online radio Online Radio: Why it’s a Big DealMusic takes different forms and can be obtained from a variety of sources. Music is all around us; in the streets, on the radio, on TV and on the Internet. Music on the internet or online music, as we know it today is the most innovative media in which music is being played. Aside from the modern-day CD’s, DVD’s, MP3 players and other means of storing music, online music is the easiest and cheapest way access great music content. This article aims to discuss the relevance of online music today.

As discussed in the above, online music is very much accessible as it is available through the Internet. You just need to log on to your computer and search the net for your favorite music and that’s it. Online radio is a popular way to access music online; it offers a wide array of music genres and has music for every type of listener. Stations like allow you to play artist-specific playlists, you own personal playlist, or any of our 11 free online radio stations that draw from our massive music database. page go Online Radio: Why it’s a Big Deal Continue reading Online Radio: Why it’s a Big Deal »

Have Fun With Oldies Music

beach boys Have Fun With Oldies MusicToday’s world is full of millions of ways to make us detach from our daily lives and step into a new world where all of our worries and daily problems disappear. This is where entertainment comes in, and in a world where great sounds, great lyrics, and great memories thrive, it’s easy to lose yourself in the music. page go Have Fun With Oldies Music Continue reading Have Fun With Oldies Music »

Top 10 90’s Music Songs

nirvana Top 10 90’s Music SongsThe 90’s music era was a time filled with alternative music, pop and rap. Also it was a decade when the so-called one-hit wonder phenomenon was born. The tastes of music fans varied dramatically during this period. The more popular artists for this decade were mostly bands and artists who enjoyed a kind of resurgence in the music scene after their popularity from the 80’s lost some ground; others were new artists who were just starting to make a name for themselves. In many ways, the music in the 90’s was the product of a major series of changes in the music industry and in listener tastes. page go Top 10 90’s Music Songs Continue reading Top 10 90’s Music Songs »

The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy

file share The Numbers That Reveal Online PiracyMost of us would quickly respond to the question “are you supporting piracy” with a unreserved “No!”. The numbers, however, tell a different story.

The way listeners are consuming music these days has changed drastically compared to just five years ago. A study conducted by MarkMonitor, an anti-fraud firm, provides a glimpse into the evolution of online piracy.

A stunning 53 billion visits per year was generated by 43 file sharing sites, the report said. From those 53 billion, 21 billion visits were generated from, Megavideo and, the top three file sharing sites. These sites have become famous as the standard peer-to-peer ways of grabbing illicit content. page go The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy Continue reading The Numbers That Reveal Online Piracy »

Putting a Song Back on Their Lips

afghan boy Putting a Song Back on Their LipsAfghanistan’s present generation will probably never forget what life was under the Taliban. A militia that gained control of this culturally rich country, the Taliban banned virtually every expression of freedom and creativity it could lay its hands on. The result was a country sapped of its soul. People outside Afghanistan have probably heard about incidents like the demolition of ancient Buddhist statues by the Taliban. In reality, however, there was a silent repression of anything imaginative, most notably music. The Taliban were infamous for publicly burning instruments and prosecuting people who engaged in music. page go Putting a Song Back on Their Lips Continue reading Putting a Song Back on Their Lips »

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