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90s Music Hits: What You Need to Know

90s music introduced a huge variety in musical styles and taste. Everything from pop, alternative, grunge, rap, punk, electronic, and one-hit-wonders hit the airwaves along with a wave of snazzy female musicians making huge inroads in the musical firmament. Musical artists turning up in the 90s opened up many horizons, and seemed to give each genre more permission to stretch its limits as far as possible.

90′s Music Hits: The Early Days

The early 90s brought in some great dance music with sounds from Technotronic “Pump Up The Jam”, C&C Music Factory “Gonna Make Your Sweat/Everybody Dance Now”, Snap “The Power”, Madonna “Vogue”, Sir Mix-A-Lot “Baby Got Back”, MC Hammer “U Can’t Touch This”, Ton Loc “Wild Thing”, and Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby.”

pearl jam 90s Music Hits: What You Need to KnowR&B artists had some stellar 90s music hits on the charts, with En Vogue “Hold On”, Regina Belle “Make It Like It Was”, Skyy “Real Love”, Mariah Carey “Vision of Love”, Jeffrey Osborne “Only Human”, R. Kelly & Public Announcement “Honey Love R”, and Jodeci “Stay”.

Grunge was born with Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Blind Melon. Nirvana’s huge hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” gave meaning to what was being depicted as a meaningless world and alternative music fans were well satisfied. Techno/house/dance music became a growing phenomenon as the wave of electronic music signified a more powerful entry of the culture into cyberspace. DJs began to become prominent as they created their own name-brand mixes for clubs around the world.

The 90′s: The Halfway Point

Around 1995, music’s darker side gave way to a lighter feel with bands coming up like Hootie and the Blowfish, the Bodeans, and Sister Hazel. Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera blew open the charts, creating a sexy pop sound that resonated with a wide range of listeners. Sexual innuendo was becoming more provocative and overt, with videos to back up the heat. Boy bands such as N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees ruled the day with their harmonies and distinct personalities that gelled into an ideal music biz product.

dave matthews band 90s Music Hits: What You Need to KnowSome really powerful bands were rising through the charts in the 90s. Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, the Goo Goo Dolls, the Foo Fighters, the Dave Matthews Band, Weezer, and Counting Crows all factored in strong during the decade. U2 was coming out with 90s music hits as strong as ever, Oasis had a hit with “Wonderwall” and REM issued their powerful song, “Losing My Religion.” Punk bands like Greenday and the Offspring along with heavy metal bands such as Metallica, Guns and Roses, and Jane’s Addiction were all strong influences on the music scene. Marilyn Manson typified the growing trend towards breaking down barriers in order to take the message to the limit.

Some of the strongest albums of the decade included “The Queen is Dead” by the Smiths, “Doolittle” by The Pixies, “It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back” by Public Enemy, “The Stone Roses” by The Stone Roses, and “Lies and Corruption” by New Order Power. Additionally we had the pivotal 90s music hits albums “Nevermind” from Nirvana, “Grace” from Jeff Buckley, “Blue Lines” from Massive Attack, “Different Class” from Pulp, and “The Good Sun” from Nick Cave.

On the R&B scene, En Vogue, Eryka Badu, Maxwell, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, TLC, Toni Braxton, Luther Van Dross, and Janet Jackson were going strong. Hip hop and Goth also entered the charts, becoming more mainstream as these relatively new genres garnered radio play.

The 90′s: Women of the 90′s

51N7RNF6THL 90s Music Hits: What You Need to Know90s music was the decade where more women appeared on pop charts than in any former time. Artists like Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, Liz Phair, Erykah Badu, Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos, and Emmy Lou Harris created a diversity in sound that rocked the scene and brought a lot of great music to the listening public. Throughout the decade, Marian Carey was on the charts with nineteen 90s music hits; Gloria Estefan had nine; Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Allanis Morisette all had seven; Madonna had six; and Janet Jackson had five.

From 1997 to 1999, Canadian singer, Sarah McLachlin created and toured the Lilith Fair, featuring only female singers and successfully demonstrating to the music industry that girl power was indeed something to be reckoned with.

The 90′s: A Lasting Influence

The 90s had a tremendous influence on today’s musical trends through bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, which mixed heavy metal and distorted guitar licks with expressive if not depressive lyrics. Radiohead also challenged listeners to pay attention to lyrics that delivered a strong message, asking more than had been asked of music fans in any other decade.

Sean Combs helped to expose more of the hip hop scene with his producing and business savvy. The growth of “gangsta rap” came out of the 90s, and new pop divas sprang up full-blown in the form of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott delivered new and exciting images for females through their strong messages combined with danceable beats. Permission was being given to all musical artists to ‘get out there and do your thing.’ Cross-over became the order of the day towards the end of the decade as more and more artists enjoyed airplay in a variety of markets.

Many of the artists that came up producing 90s music hits through that decade still remain strong and consistent in the 2000s, demonstrating that this was definitely a time that spawned class acts with durability and dimension.

Internet radio and Other Music Awards

Singers and bands have loyal fans that stick with them through the thick and thin of their music careers. Annual music awards are a time for the fans to vote for their favorite musicians and give praise for their musical talents. Singers and bands not only get recognition and some type of fancy award, but their careers are usually increased in ratings. There are genre specific music awards, general music awards, and online music awards. Here is a look at an Internet radio awards and some other music awards.

Perhaps the most well known music awards are the Grammy Awards show. It is an annual award given to musicians that are the best in the business. They receive a golden gramophone statuette that solidifies their place in the entertainment industry and their outstanding achievements. The Grammy Award is presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The categories you can win an award for are: best new artist, album of the year, song of the year, and record of the year. These categories are also handed out awards for certain genres.

There are other music awards that take place every year that are genre specific. They are less prestigious than the Grammy’s but can still boost a musician’s career and get just as much hype and audience attention. Other annual awards are the County Music Awards, the MTV Video Music awards, Texas Music Awards, Independent Music Awards, and the Brit Awards for example. These music awards recognize achievements for musicians who make music in their genre such as country, hip hop, or alternative music.

Internet Radio is just as influential as traditional radio for promoting a band or singer. Annually, there are the Internet Radio Awards that are held online. You can vote for your favorite Internet radio station, and they will win an award for best program online. If you have a radio station online you can either nominate yourself or one of your listeners can nominate for an award. It is a great way to see what stations there are around the world and to recognize the hard work that your favorite Internet station does day to day to provide you with great music to listen to.

If you want to discover music from around the world, or nominate an Independent musician for their work, you can vote for them at the International Online Music Awards. They are held every year, and you can vote for your favorite Independent band or singer to win an award. A lot of popular mainstream artists have been discovered by their online music. The Internet is very powerful for boosting someone’s career.

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Who Are the BoDeans?

The South by South West music festival just took place in Austin, TX. There were hundreds of great bands and musicians from all over the world. Some classic hit bands from the 80s came back to give outstanding free performances for their fans at Auditorium Shores. Hit bands such as The Stone Temple Pilots and Cheap Trick showed up for long lasting fans from their earlier years. People of all ages came to the free concert series to see the BoDeans perform. They rocked the house and had everyone in the audience singing and dancing along with their music.

The BoDeans were formed by musicians Sam Llanas and Kurt Neumann in Wisconsin back in the early 1980s. Slash/Warner records signed them on with their music label after a full band was formed by adding a bassist and drummer. They immediately began to record their music, and the first album called Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams was released in 1986. Soon after, they were voted the Best New American Band by the Rolling Stones magazine.

Since the release of their first album, they have released eight more albums. The most recent which will be released in April of this year is called Mr. Sad Clown, and it will be their ninth studio album. You may remember one of their hits if you watched the 90s television program Party of Five. The song Closer to Free from the album Go Slow Down was chosen for the theme song of the series. It instantly brought them more fans and increased their level of fame and exposure. The song was also used in the movie Heavyweights.

Their music is categorized under the genres of alternative rock, roots rock, and rock. Their music has topped the mainstream rock and adult contemporary charts. The band has seen some new members since the original formation back in the 80s. The current members, who include the two original founders Kurt and Sam, and: Noah Levy, Eric Holden, and Bukka Allen. Kurt does the vocals and plays the electric guitar, and Sam performs vocals and the acoustic guitar.

The band has been very successful and has a loyal following of fans that have stuck by them since the 80s. Two of the band members have worked on solo projects but still continue to fuel the success of the band as a whole. The two founders Kurt and Sam have worked on solo projects. Kurt Neumann recorded an album in the late 90s called Shy Dog, and Sam Llanas recorded his album in 1998 called A Good Day to Die.

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Canadian Pop Star Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, and she is twenty five years old. Not only is she a Canadian pop star, her music has become popular in the United States and all over the world. Avril is more than just a pop star, and she also has an entrepreneurial spirit among other talents. She broke through in the competitive American entertainment industry. She is one of the top ten selling American artists and continues to top the Billboard music chart with her unique voice and music sound.

Worldwide, she has sold nearly thirty million albums and was named the number ten pop artist in the music industry. Her music is so unique that it is hard to categorize her as just a pop star. She brought a new look and sound to the entertainment industry. She incorporates punk, pop, rock, alternative rock, post-grunge, and powerpop into her albums. She hit the music scene in 2002 and records under the labels RCA and Arista. She is currently only working with RCA label.

Her first album which was released in 2002 is called Let Go, and one third of the record sales from that album were sold in the United States. She sold 16 million copies worldwide. Two years later she released her second albums called Under My Skin, and then in 2007 she released her third album called The Best Damn Thing. She is currently working on a fourth album that is due to be released sometime this summer.

She contributes a lot to her albums. She is an amazing songwriter. She not only sings, but she also plays different musical instruments. Her voice is amazing and so is her playing talent. She plays the electric guitar, drums, piano, and acoustic guitar.

In addition to selling millions of albums worldwide, she has also appeared in movie and television roles. Her most current act on television was appearing as a guest judge on the hit show American Idol. Her fame and talent made her a very qualified guest for the show. She has also appeared on episodes from shows Saturday Night Live, MadTv, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In 2006, she played a college activist in the movie Fast Food Nation.

Her entrepreneurship shows through in her clothing line and perfume line. She designs clothes for her brand called Abbey Dawn. Her fragrance is called Black Star and is sold throughout Europe and North America. She works with the Canadian Canon brand and designs cameras and is the face of their brand.

About the Author: Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

The Many Faces of Chris Cornell

Whether you have listened to Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden or Audioslave, it is possible you have heard the voice of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell. While Cornell has performed in other bands he is primarily known for the above.

Chris Cornell had been performing, singing and writing music for many years but didn’t come to the forefront of the music industry until he started the band Soundgarden in 1984. Along with Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam, Soundgarden became one of the most successful bands from Seattle’s emerging grunge scene in the early 1990s.

After leaving Soundgarden, Cornell joined the rock band Rage Against the Machine, a band that originally formed in 1991. Rage Against the Machine was known for its political lyrics. Labeled alternative rock to heavy metal, the band successfully continued until 2000. When the band broke up and recreated itself under the name Audioslave, minus band member Zack del la Rocha, Cornell became lead vocalist. Audioslave released their debut album in November of 2002 with hits such as Cochise, Like A Stone and Show Me How To Live.

While Rage Against the Machine lyrics were focused on being political, Cornell tried to tone it down when it came to writing for Audioslave. Cornell stated he did not want to become the new singer of Rage Against the Machine or any political band, but he would play benefits the other band members wanted to play. Despite his comment, Audioslave’s song Set It Off—was inspired by 1999′s WTO riots or better known as the Battle of Seattle. Cornell also wrote the anti-war song Sound of a Gun, and later Wide Awake, a song that was meant to be an attack on the Bush administration’s failure to act over the consequences of Hurricane Katrina.

The band was openly anti-Bush and against the Iraq War from the beginning; on March 17, 2003, only hours after President Bush announced plans to invade Iraq, the band performed live in Hollywood with messages reading “How many Iraqis per gallon?” and “Somewhere in Texas, a Village is Missing an Idiot”, scrolled across the stage. The music video for “Doesn’t Remind Me” was also critical of the Iraq war.

In 2002, Audioslave’s second album, Out of Exile, was released and debuted at number one on the U.S. charts. The album went on to achieve platinum status. It featured the singles “Out of Exile”, “Be Yourself”, “Your Time Has Come”, and “Doesn’t Remind Me”. Cornell admitted that the songs on the album were were the most personal songs he had ever written, emphasizing the positive changes in his life. Critics say the sound of the second album leaned less on guitar riffs than the first giving it more of a Soundgarden slash Rage Against the Machine flavor. Cornell’s voice stood out more in the album, possibly due to having quit smoking and drinking.

Audioslave later made history by performing in Havana, Cuba on May 6, 2005, becoming the first American rock group to perform in Cuba. The 26-song set concert was the longest the band had ever played.

Cornell continued writing and performing with the band, helping them release another album in early 2006 with the album Revelations. Cornell integrated 60s and 70s music as well as 70s funk and R&B to produce Revelations. Two of the songs, Shape of Things to Come and Wide Awake were featured in the 2006 film Miami Vice. Cornell followed this with another theme song You Know My Name, for the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale.

On February 15, 2007, Cornell officially announced his departure from Audioslave, stating, “Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences, I am permanently leaving the band Audioslave. I wish the other three members nothing but the best in all of their future endeavors.” Audioslave was officially disbanded.

Cornell continues to tour around the world with his eclectic and experimental lyrics and music.

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Remembering the 90’s

The 90s was a time of Bill Clinton, Friends and Sienfield. In regards to music, here are the top five songs and musicians along with a little trivia.

1.) Britney Spears: ‘…Baby, One More Time’

This Mouseketeer became a pop phenomenon shortly after this first hit single. Jive Records released the song on October 13, 1998. With a sexy and somewhat controversial video, the single peaked at number on the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.

The song was originally written for TLC, claimed the song’s writer, Max Martin. Unfortunately for TLC the song was nominated for a Grammy that year, and has since become Spear’s most successful song performed. Britney said, “ever girl can relate to it”. This claimed to be somewhat true, as the song sold over 750,000 copies, earning a three-times golf certification.

2.) Nirvana: ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

Off the release of Nirvana’s album, Nevermind in 1992, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, quickly became a hit. Some believe this song sparked a teenage revolution of alternative rock, which is still well recognized today. The song was Nirvana’s biggest hit, even getting a fluke remake out of Weird Al Yankovic.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ received many MTV Video Music Awards. Cobain stated, “I was trying to write the ultimate pop song”. Even after Kurt Cobain’s death critics recognized the song as being one of the greatest alternative rock songs of all time.

3.) Alanis Morissette: ’You Oughta Know’

Grammy-Award winning song written and performed by Alanis, herself, was placed on Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill in 1995. The song’s love/hate lyrics were rumored to be about Morissette’s boyfriend Dave Coulier of TV’s Full House.

This pain-ridden song, with a shocking set of musical words, was one of the first attempts to state heartache so explicitly. The song became mainstream across the teenage universe, becoming a hit in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

4.) Cher: ‘Believe”

This spark of one of Cher’s many comebacks became the single, most-listened to, hit of her career. The song has been remade four times, to fit the club scene, dance re-mix genre and ballad arena. Earning a Grammy, this multi-platinum song was written collaboratively by six individuals (Paul Barry, Matt Gray, Steven Torch, Brian Higgins, Timothy Powell and Stuart McLellan).

The song, ‘Believe’ was released in 1998, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. After it’s release, it also became a number one song in over twenty-three countries worldwide, within two weeks.

5.) Rob Thomas: ‘Smooth’

This collaborative effort between Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty), and Santana wowed music audiences with its slick lyrics and amazing guitar riffs. Rob Thomas originally wanted George Michael to sing the song for the recreated lyrics he had constructed from the song, ’Room 17’.

The song became a hit in 1999, spending over twelve consecutive weeks at number one, on the Billboard Hot 100. The same year, ’Smooth’ won three esteemed Grammy Awards, including, Song of the Year. Rob wrote the song for his wife, Marisol Thomas.

When it came to music of the 90s, there were many hits from various genres, but the above songs are the ones most still have stuck in their heads.

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