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Trans Siberian Orchestra on Tour in Austin, TX

Trans Siberian Orchestra, or commonly referred to as TSO, is currently on tour selling out live concerts all over the nation. The TSO winter tour of 2009/2010 made a stop in Austin, TX and Matt and Krystle were lucky enough to have been there. Here are some things that they have said about the concert.

The concert was amazing! They had the best set, the best musicians, and the best singers at the concert. They even showcased songs from their most current album, Night Castle. The concert had the most incredible lights, lasers, and pyrotechnics which made the concert unique and outstanding. The light show went along with the songs they were playing and were synchronized perfectly. When a guitarist would play and use the whammy bar, laser streams would light up the stage. Also, when the entire orchestra, guitarists, and main violinists would rock out the stage would light up and fire would be blasted from the stage. Without these effects the concert still would’ve been good, but the use of such effects made it even more incredible.

The guitarists couldn’t have been any better. They all had long hair which was always being used for head banging and flaring around. They would rock out with their guitars and moved and ran around the stage. Some of the best musicians tour with TSO and make up the band. One of the lead guitarists produced amazing rock bands such as Aerosmith. The guitarists had amazing stage presence and got the crowd involved with cheering and clapping. Angus was always pointing and smiling at Matt and Krystle.

There were two crazy and incredible violinists. They would play madly and wildly, run around the stage and the concert venue, and flare the hair around while rocking out on their violins. They had very interesting violins that must have been made specifically for the genre they play which is rock and roll mixed classical music. The violins were hollow. At one point during the concert Matt noticed that the girl violinist’s hair got stuck. Krystle also noticed that she was playing so hard that some of the strings broke on the violin.

The singers’ voices were beautiful. The girls could carry out any tune. One man who had a lot of solos throughout the concert, has toured and sung with Journey during his career. His voice was so strong and loud and represented the essence of rock and roll. He also had long hair that was never short of a hair flip or some type of head banging.

TSO is such an awesome rock band that transforms classical Christmas music for their concerts. Matt and Krystle would recommend anyone to go to one of their concerts and support their music. Not only are they a great band, but they are also very charitable. TSO donates proceeds from every concert to a local organization or school from every city they tour in.

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What’s the deal with Emo music?

Emo music has recently hit the charts, with its confessional lyrics and expressive melodies. But what is emo music, and why has it become so popular?

Emo, is a rock style of music that started as a branch of hard punk music in the late 1980’s. First originated to describe the Washington D.C. music scene in the early 80‘s, emo is now marketed and accepted worldwide. Defined as ‘emotional hardcore’, or ‘emocore’, rock bands immediately took a liking to this new style. With the new indie movement gaining popularity, some bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate have blended their own rock/punk with indie to create a version of emo. After the initial breeding of emo/indie and emocore the Midwest took the idea by storm, signing several labels of the new style.

Now, into the 2000’s, emo has moved into the mainstream music scene with bands such as Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World. Fall Out Boy has become more than popular with their own version of emo.

Emo, now, is not only about a new type of music, but has also influenced the fashion world. After the Nirvana grunge explosion, bands wanted to take the idea further. In the teenage world, emo, is all about the skinny jeans, tight-fitting ratted t-shirts and studded jewelry. Mixing overly bright clothes with black has thrown gender-specific clothing out the window. Young men are now proudly wearing eye liner, and women are wearing men’s chained jeans, to make an impact.

Some emo bands, such as Jawbreaker have taken emo to their extreme, writing lyrics about being sad a night, expressing bodily harm and unspoken phobias. Jimmy Eat World’s song ’The Middle’ took number one on the Billboards Modern Rock Tracks. This song, expressing a girl who feels saddened and left-out, and will, ’be alright’.

It has been said that sadness has already been lyricized by early rock bands such as Poison, screaming at relationship issues and heartache. But marketers believe that emo, takes that very idea to a new level. Corporations such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft have already sponsored a great deal of the newer emo bands, leading the soda drinking and internet worlds to quickly catch on.

Heavy emotion has not been an easy concept to turn into music. Most of the population turn their car radios on to be uplifted after a hard day’s work. Bands have recognized this, and Emo has been expanded to not also provide the population with songs of extreme happiness; although, this is not the norm. Bands like Texas Is the Reason and Fugazi were the first to initiate this swing in definition.

Emo has just begun to tear through the United States, Australia and England, although not so surprisingly, Amsterdam is one of emo’s largest selling cities. Adding electric riffs and dance influence, the emo style is adapting to what people like to hear on the radio. Emo is ambiguous. and it seems it will be, until further contributors begin to use similar elements. Although, metaphorically, emo’s gloomy roots still remain.

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Michael Jackson: The Legend

This King of Pop is known as one of the most influential American Pop musicians/dancers of all time. Creating musical hits, and videos to match, this phenomenal artist continually wowed audiences from all backgrounds. As the single most popular artist since Elvis, Jackson was seen as unstoppable. The Daily Herald called Jackson an, “extremely important figure in the history of popular culture”.

Born in Gary, Indiana, this artist started his career in 1964. Jackson was one of ten children, all of which have touched the music world in some way. As a part of The Jackson Five, Michael sang and danced alongside his brothers, becoming very successful in mainstream music. In 1971, Michael Jackson took his talents solo, releasing his first album in 1982 (Thriller). Thriller is, to date, the single best-selling album of all time, doubling its sales after Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009. Thriller remained on the Billboard 200 top ten for eighty weeks, consecutively, at first release. Of those eighty weeks, thirty-seven had Thriller at number one.

Along with hit albums like Off the Wall and Bad, Michael Jackson make a stand in his dance career. Developing the ‘moonwalk’, the ’anti-gravity lean’ and the ‘robot’, his choreography was just as credited as his vocal talent.

Michael has earned several awards for his numerous talents, including TWO inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, fifteen Grammy Awards, twenty-six American Music Awards, and several Guinness World Records. His most esteemed Guinness World Record was that of “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time”.

This musician also chose to use his star celebrity as a humanitarian, raising funds for over thirty charities. His donations and fundraising has been estimated around three hundred million dollars, including the start and support of his own charity, the Heal the World Foundation.

In March of 1988 Michael Jackson purchased land in California to build his seventeen million dollar Neverland Ranch. Building movie theatres, roller coasters and a ferris wheel. The 2,700 acre amazement was valued at over 100 million dollars. This was just a few dollars out of Jackson’s wallet, as he estimated earnings of 1989 alone, at over 125 million dollars.

In 2009 Jackson reportedly collapsed in his rented mansion located in Los Angeles. His memorial took place in July of 2009. Over thirty-one million fans worldwide watched the burial and service for Michael Jackson, which was comparable to the amount of individuals who watched the 1997 funeral of Princess Diana (33 million) and the 2004 burial of Ronald Reagan (35 million). Several of Jackson’s fans performed at the event, including: Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson and Mariah Carey. Maya Angelou even wrote a poem for the service, entitled ‘We had him’.

Michael Jackson is still sorely missed by millions, proven by the increased sales in his albums even after his passing. His fashionable persona, including the glitter glove, tuxedo pants and bright white socks will always be remembered. Jackson transformed the music of his time, and will continue to live on. His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame still remains, since its placement in 1984, reminding audiences of his unparalleled existence.

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Trans Siberian Orchestra Rocks Christmas Music

Christmas music brings out the holiday cheer. You can sing along in the car driving to your grandparent’s house, you play it when you decorate your home, and you are filled with memories from Christmas celebrations with your family. A lot of Christmas music can be repetitive or sound out of date. Modern musicians remake our favorite holiday classics and make them sound more pop or country sounding. One of my favorite bands that have remade my favorite Christmas songs is Trans Siberian Orchestra. They bring a whole new meaning to rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

Trans Siberian Orchestra eloquently keeps the holiday spirit alive by bringing together the sounds of rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, symphonic metal, and classical music. In 1996, Paul O’Neil had the idea to bring his musician friends Jon Oliva, Robert Kinkel, and Al Petrilli together to remake Christmas songs with a more up to date and new sound. They formed the group which has become a sensation for their music and live tours. Paul O’Neil knows his music and is the right man for producing rock and roll Christmas music. He managed rock bands such as Aerosmith, the Scorpions, and Humble Pie to name a few.

Their live tours are incredible and sell out all over the country. They have two casts for the east and the west sides of their touring schedules. This allows for their tours to be seen by more people around the nation. They tour during the holiday season and they wouldn’t be able to fit in as many cities in their schedule by Christmas if they didn’t have two casts. Their live performance is multi faceted with light shows, music, and pyrotechnics. The streams of light and fire are synchronized with the music so the performance stimulates more than your sense of hearing. The performance is long, but you don’t want them to end when you are at their concert. The first half is dedicated to Christmas songs, and the encore is filled with rock and roll music.

They have seven albums, and any one of them would make a great Christmas present. The new album is called Night Castle. The album took four years to produce and record, and Paul O’Neil said it was well worth the wait. They started in 2005, and in 2008 they released one song on the Internet so that their fans knew they were working on something new and they could listen to music online. Their other albums are titled: Christmas Eve and Other Stories, The Christmas Attic, Beethoven’s Last Night, The Lost Christmas Eve, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, and The Christmas Trilogy.

About the Author: Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

Remembering the 90’s

The 90s was a time of Bill Clinton, Friends and Sienfield. In regards to music, here are the top five songs and musicians along with a little trivia.

1.) Britney Spears: ‘…Baby, One More Time’

This Mouseketeer became a pop phenomenon shortly after this first hit single. Jive Records released the song on October 13, 1998. With a sexy and somewhat controversial video, the single peaked at number on the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.

The song was originally written for TLC, claimed the song’s writer, Max Martin. Unfortunately for TLC the song was nominated for a Grammy that year, and has since become Spear’s most successful song performed. Britney said, “ever girl can relate to it”. This claimed to be somewhat true, as the song sold over 750,000 copies, earning a three-times golf certification.

2.) Nirvana: ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

Off the release of Nirvana’s album, Nevermind in 1992, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, quickly became a hit. Some believe this song sparked a teenage revolution of alternative rock, which is still well recognized today. The song was Nirvana’s biggest hit, even getting a fluke remake out of Weird Al Yankovic.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ received many MTV Video Music Awards. Cobain stated, “I was trying to write the ultimate pop song”. Even after Kurt Cobain’s death critics recognized the song as being one of the greatest alternative rock songs of all time.

3.) Alanis Morissette: ’You Oughta Know’

Grammy-Award winning song written and performed by Alanis, herself, was placed on Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill in 1995. The song’s love/hate lyrics were rumored to be about Morissette’s boyfriend Dave Coulier of TV’s Full House.

This pain-ridden song, with a shocking set of musical words, was one of the first attempts to state heartache so explicitly. The song became mainstream across the teenage universe, becoming a hit in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

4.) Cher: ‘Believe”

This spark of one of Cher’s many comebacks became the single, most-listened to, hit of her career. The song has been remade four times, to fit the club scene, dance re-mix genre and ballad arena. Earning a Grammy, this multi-platinum song was written collaboratively by six individuals (Paul Barry, Matt Gray, Steven Torch, Brian Higgins, Timothy Powell and Stuart McLellan).

The song, ‘Believe’ was released in 1998, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. After it’s release, it also became a number one song in over twenty-three countries worldwide, within two weeks.

5.) Rob Thomas: ‘Smooth’

This collaborative effort between Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty), and Santana wowed music audiences with its slick lyrics and amazing guitar riffs. Rob Thomas originally wanted George Michael to sing the song for the recreated lyrics he had constructed from the song, ’Room 17’.

The song became a hit in 1999, spending over twelve consecutive weeks at number one, on the Billboard Hot 100. The same year, ’Smooth’ won three esteemed Grammy Awards, including, Song of the Year. Rob wrote the song for his wife, Marisol Thomas.

When it came to music of the 90s, there were many hits from various genres, but the above songs are the ones most still have stuck in their heads.

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