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Wale the next Kayne West? Rick Ross says yes.

Rick Ross must have been disappointed after not being able to sign 2010’s breakout MC Wiz Khalifa, who rejected Ross-owned Maybach Music Group’s advances in favor of Atlantic Records. But as things turned out, the Miami MC isn’t complaining, after seeing his own prodigy ‘Wale’ shine.

Ross believes Wale’s potential is of the same level as of Kanye West and Yeezy, Wale also has an unorthodox style that could eventually make him as big of a star as West. In an interview with MTV, Ross boldly predicted that Wale is destined to emulate Kanye’s success one day.

Ross, who recently signed both Wale and Meek Mill, said that both his new acquisitions may be a little different than what is being heard in the music industry at the moment, however both appear to feel very comfortable in their enviroment.

page go Wale the next Kayne West? Rick Ross says yes. Continue reading Wale the next Kayne West? Rick Ross says yes. »

Snoop Dogg Explains ‘Platinum’ Featuring R. Kelly

51PZXTD 3UL Snoop Dogg Explains ‘Platinum’ Featuring R. Kelly
Snoop Dogg was giving final touches to his latest album Doggumentary when an opportunity to do a song with R. Kelly popped up, and he signed up for it. The lanky MC and Kelly combined to record the upcoming song ‘Platinum,’ whose beat has been powered by Lex Luger, known for his work with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rick Ross.

Preceded by “New Year’s Eve” and “Wet,” “Platinum” will be Snoop’s third released song of his latest album and it features his trademark smooth style and R. Kelly’s towering voice. page go Snoop Dogg Explains ‘Platinum’ Featuring R. Kelly Continue reading Snoop Dogg Explains ‘Platinum’ Featuring R. Kelly »

Pauly D: Honored to DJ for Britney Spears

‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D was just coming to terms with the honor of being named as the in house DJ to back up Britney Spears at Rain nightclub at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, when lady luck smiled at him once again. He was chosen to DJ Britney Spears for her MTV Special program “Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale.”

The budding DJ told MTV that Las Vegas has always been one of his favorite places, and to be able to DJ for a superstar like Britney Spears at the Rain nightclub is a feeling that’s out of this world. He said that being associated with an international phenomenon like Britney Spears has brought him into the A-league of the business and it gives him the feeling that now he is a proven DJ. Pauly also added that playing behind the “Oops, I Did It Again” singer has legitimised his career, and that it was incredible to see her perform and to share the stage with her. page go Pauly D: Honored to DJ for Britney Spears Continue reading Pauly D: Honored to DJ for Britney Spears »

Is Femme Fatale Good Enough to Take the Number 1 Spot?

spears Is Femme Fatale Good Enough to Take the Number 1 Spot?It’s well-known fact now that Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale is a fusion of pop and dance music, with the added sexy flavor contributed by the singer herself. Britney’s 2008 album Circus reached the number one spot on music charts almost immediately upon its release, even though it wasn’t marketed and hyped up like her latest collection. The strategically released snippet, sneak peeks, and the carefully planned promo campaign means that Femme Fatale has already reached the #1 spot on iTunes, as well as on Internet Radio stations. According to industry analysts, if the same momentum is maintained, the album will be number on all the music charts by next week. page go Is Femme Fatale Good Enough to Take the Number 1 Spot? Continue reading Is Femme Fatale Good Enough to Take the Number 1 Spot? »

Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance

She is a two time Grammy award winner, has just dropped a new album that debuted at the number 1 position in the biggest music industry in the world, has millions of admirers stretched over multiple continents, and has achieved the pinnacle of the fame and fortune already, but what Adele has always wanted the most was a session on the famous ‘VH1 Unplugged.’ It seems as if she has fulfilled her ultimate wish now; the London-born singer made her inaugural ‘Unplugged’ performance in early March 2011. page go Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance Continue reading Adele Delighted With March VH1 Unplugged Performance »

Is Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’ Madonna-Influenced?

Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ has been the favorite talk subject among many music enthusiasts since the moment she decided to release the song two days early.

The song quickly shot to the number one spot on iTunes; that fact reflects the level of love the fans have for their beloved Fame Monster. However, shortly after its release, many music experts started comparing Born This Way’s tracks with those of another pop queen: Madonna. With the reactions coming thick and fast, MTV contacted some of the Gaga-music experts to share their take on the song. page go Is Gaga Hit Born This Way Madonna Influenced? Continue reading Is Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’ Madonna-Influenced? »

Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ Announcement

gaga Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ AnnouncementIf you are following Lady Gaga on Twitter, then you have probably seen her tweet regarding her special announcement to make about her upcoming album entitled “Born This Way”. Behold little monsters: Mother Monster is up with a usual thrilling announcement.

The news? Lady Gaga announced to her fans on New Year’s Eve she considers this new album to be her most innovative to date, and it will be out in record stores in May, following the release of her first single in February. Could there really still be a ‘more innovative’ album after The Fame Monster…? page go Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ Announcement Continue reading Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ Announcement »

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