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Femme Fatale – Not Britney’s Own Invention

Britney SpearsWhen Britney Spears made her debut in late nineties and quickly achieved superstardom, she had just the right amount of cuteness and sex appeal to woo her listeners and viewers. She continued producing hit albums after the immense success of her debut album ‘Baby One More Time,’ with the latest in line being her new ‘Femme Fatale’ album. Even though fans have already developed a liking for her latest dance-rich offering, a small section of critics are not especially fond of the fact that Britney didn’t write any of the Femme Fatale songs herself. page_go Continue reading Femme Fatale – Not Britney’s Own Invention »

Foo Fighters Explain Wasting Light’s Primitive Recording Method

Foo FightersFoo Fighters have talked about the new creation process of their recently released album ‘Wasting Lights’ on multiple occasions but until now, they had not revealed the reason why they decided that a change was due. For their new album, the rock quintet opted to part ways with the high tech facilities of studios and went to record in a congested garage, where they had to record their music on outdated reel-to-reel tape machine instead of the state-of-the-art equipment that they are comfortable with. But according to the band frontman Dave Grohl, the whole move was initiated on purpose with a particular reason in mind. page_go Continue reading Foo Fighters Explain Wasting Light’s Primitive Recording Method »

The Key to Success in the US for Adele + Mumford and Sons

AdeleIt is not exactly the kind of craze created by the legendary Beatles, nor is it pop explosion caused by British bands of the mid nineties such as Oasis, Spice Girls etc. So what kind of success are British artists like Adele and Mumford and Sons are having in the US?

Unlike the previous musical attacks mounted by Britons on the US soil, this one is spearheaded by a lady known as Adele, whose second album ‘21’ is currently the most successful album of the year and is widely tipped to pip Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale (current number 1 album) in next week’s ratings and music charts. The present musical British army also includes boy band Mumford and Sons, whose album’s success was so long lasting that it was still at number 2, more than a year after its release in the US. page_go Continue reading The Key to Success in the US for Adele + Mumford and Sons »

Lil Wayne’s ‘How to Love’ Stunned Producer Detail

Lil WayneLil Wayne has declared that he is going to break away from the boundaries of rap music and present a more varied musical sound on his future projects and who can give a more detailed insight on this new revelation than ‘Detail’- the man who produced Weezy’s latest pop venture ‘How to Love’ from his Tha Carter IV album.

Speaking in an interview with MTV, Detail said, “Wayne is a rock star and he’s up for any challenge in the world as long as it feels right. He don’t ever really discriminate on talent and people; if it feels right, he’s up for the challenge.” page_go Continue reading Lil Wayne’s ‘How to Love’ Stunned Producer Detail »

Rick Ross Justifies Maybach Music Group’s Move to Warner

Rick Ross MusicRick Ross is called ‘the Bawse’ by his followers and he has fully justified that nickname with his latest decision. When the time came to make the decision for his Maybach Music Group’s distribution, he chose Warner Music Group instead of the easiest option of signing up with Def Jam, with whom he is associated as a solo artist.

Speaking in a recent interview with MTV’s Sway in the program Rap Fix Live, Ross said, “You know, as a boss you gotta make certain things happen and that’s what I was able to do. Me, as a solo artist, we’re still at Def Jam Records, I have another album or two. But me being an executive, me being a boss, Maybach Music, I had an opportunity to sow my royal oats.” page_go Continue reading Rick Ross Justifies Maybach Music Group’s Move to Warner »

Arcade Fire was ‘On Fire’ At Coachella Festival

Arcade Fire at CoachellaRecently Arcade Fire graced the stage of the Coachella festival and owned the event’s second night by ripping their music apart in front of hoards of perplexed fans.

They started off the proceedings with the “Month of May”- from their Grammy winning album The Suburbs, and drew curtains on the night with another magical performance of “Sprawl II.”

During the band’s time on stage, the crowd constantly kept singing along with them in full flow, and didn’t miss a word during “Rebellion (Lies),” “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” and “Neighborhood 3 (Power Out).” page_go Continue reading Arcade Fire was ‘On Fire’ At Coachella Festival »

Kris Allen Reveals his Favorite American Idol Contestants from Season 10

Kris Allen American Idol Season 8 WinnerKris Allen made a surprise appearance on “Idol Party Live,” where he was interviewed by Glee-singer Matthew Morrison via Skype. After the show was wrapped up, the American Idol season 8-winner caught up with MTV News’s Jim Contiello to talk about his personal favorite contestants in the ongoing Idol season and his reappearance on the show that propelled him to the star status he enjoys now.

When quizzed about who is his favorite AI singer this term, the 25 year old said that he has been following the show as much as he can and then tipped Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart and Lauren as the ones who could go deep into the competition. page_go Continue reading Kris Allen Reveals his Favorite American Idol Contestants from Season 10 »

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