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Twitter Contest Rules

1. Must include @reply to @977music and hashtags #977music and #acl. Must also follow @977music and remain following until at least October 15, 2009. Contest ends October 15, 2009 at midnight Central Time (Austin, TX time zone). Official rules posted on this page at this url Any entries which redirect to any other site or url are ineligible. Contest begins Tuesday September, 29, 2009 at 9:30 pm cdt
2. If you are not following @977music as of October 15 then you are ineligible for prize.
3. To be eligible to win, you must tweet and include the following: “@977music” and use hashtags “#acl” and “#977music”. You can also include the fact that an iPod Touch is being given away, and use phrase “Pls RT” and url for rules.
4. ipod Touch16 GB given away by to random winner selected solely by There will only be one winner. Winner based on random number generator. All winner decisions final. And judged bye Law Office of David Gottfried, P.C., Austin, Texas
5. Must include hashtags #977music and #acl and in each eligible entry. You will not threaten us in any way nor any other player.
6. Must have U.S. mailing address to mail iPod Touch to, and be willing to divulge winning address via DM to @977musics Upon request, be willing to mail driver’s license or other government proof of age/id to address specified by Repeating address renders you ineligible for any prize. Cooperate in the process and you can stay.
7. Each entry counts one time, but feel free to enter as many times as you want as long and you follow the rules and RT and @reply to and use hashtags #977music and #acl
8. Winner announced randomly October 19, 2009 from all eligible entries.
9. No purchase necessary. Employees, former employees, independent contractors of , and their families, ineligible to win.
10. You must be at least 18 years of age to win and have proof of age and valid state or federal issued ID and SSN that you will fax to immediately upon request for age verification purposes. No entries from minors accepted. Must be a real person with a real U.S. address. Must be able to verify by ID faxed to US number. If there is any question on the part of , we reserve right to disqualify. 11. While these rules are firm, we reserve the right to modify rules as necessary. Specifically, if entrants get unruly, “in your face”, or start causing other problems with the other entries, or cause discord between entrants.
12. Automated tweets, any tweets not originating from a physical human being, or any tweets that are a violation of Twitter’s terms of service are ineligible. Any violation of any law renders entry ineligible. Tweets not physically entered by a human being manually are ineligible. Tweets violating the spirit of these rules are ineligible and eligibility of any give tweet will be at our sole discretion.

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