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The Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana

Internet RadioA small group of young musicians, most of them school students, are redefining the way music is played live. Christening themselves the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana, or LOL for short, a group of seven students set about to change the landscape of music as they know it. They write, produce and, most importantly, play their music almost entirely on digital instruments. Today, the team uses everything from the Nintendo Wii to Apple iPads and Macbooks to video game joysticks. The closet genre that the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana could be classified in would be science-fiction movie scores. Most of their music, however, sounds completely original and otherworldly. Other similar groups have sprung up, such as the Stanford Laptop Orchestra, which is shown in the video below.
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Sensation White Music Event: Overseas Trance Dance Phenomenon

Outside the US, one outdoor music event called Sensation White has caught on as one of the big music events for fans of offline and online music. It was developed in the Netherlands and was coordinated by ID&T before gaining ground elsewhere, and has now been established in many countries across the globe. For the five consecutive years, this indoor dance event was exclusively organized in the Amsterdam Arena, until the year 2005, but it now draws immense crowds in countries including Spain, Germany, Poland, Chile, Hungary, Latvia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia, Brazil and Portugal.

Sensation White Music: Bringing the Online Vibe to Offline Dance Music

Can Online Music Radio Benefit Your Health?Basically, Sensation White is electronic dance music with repetitive hypnotic beats; most commentators classify it as a house or trance music event. Each and every person who attends this Sensation White dance event is required to dress in white only, and the  event’s home, the Arena of Amsterdam, is also decorated in white to match. Sensation White even has its own slogan that promotes dancing in white.

Each event of Sensation White has nearly 40 to 50,000 tickets that are available. Each Sensation White event has run yearly, with no year-to-year gaps, in the Arena of Amsterdam in the month of July on the night of the first Saturday. The German version of this event of Sensation White takes place on the New Year’s Eve in Dusseldorf, and from country to country the dates of the other events may also vary. The original event was organized for the first time in the year 2009 on the two consecutive nights of 3rd and 4th of July in the arena of Amsterdam, but since its beginnings, the event has evolved an established day, time, and vibe that people all over the world seek out.

The DJs: Sensation White’s Big Names

Several prominent DJ’s and artists have made appearances at the Sensation White music event, including:

  • André Tanneberger
  • Tiësto
  • Darren Emerson
  • Armin Buuren
  • Deadmau5
  • David Guetta
  • Ferry Corsten
  • Erick Morillo
  • Johan Gielen
  • Paul Dyk
  • Marco V
  • Fedde Le Grand
  • Sander Kleinenberg
  • Sebastian Ingrosso
  • Laidback Luke
  • Felix Da Housecat
  • Rank 1
  • Steve Angello
  • Tocadisco.

Beyond Genre: Sensation White’s Recent Changes

Although Sensation White was established as a trance dance phenomenon, in recent years it has started to shift away from that identity. The most recent Sensation White event was criticized by several trance dance fans, who felt that the event featured far more DJs who prioritized  electro and house numbers to the exclusion of the traditional trance focus. Partly, this is motivated by money and keeping up with the trends, but fans disagree about whether this change is for the best.

According the organizers of the Sensation White musical event, the demand and popularity of trance has been decreasing for several years. From this perspective, it seems that through their recent changes Sensation White has accepted and acclimated shifts in demand by changing their broadcasting in reasonable ways to include more of the electro and house mixes many fans now expect.

However, despite the larger trends away from trance, European trance fans and DJs still hold a strong portion of the market and the attention for events like these, and Sensation White is paying attention to that fact. The trance/energy segment of the event has more than 30,000 fans and  being sold out more quickly than it ever did before. Surprisingly, the 2008 Sensation White event included just has once primarily-trance DJ in their line of DJs, while techno and house received significant attention. The next year, though, perhaps in response to fan pressure, the Amsterdam Sensation White event in 2009 focused again on the trance roots that had grown the phenomenon in the first place — and attracted the fans that continue to flock to it every year.

Internet Radio Star Controversy

If you are listening to music in your car, on your computer, or on your television you have probably heard one of the many hits by Lady Gaga. She has taken over the music industry and has set the highest of standards for entertainers. Lady Gaga has a unique fashion sense, an amazing voice, and star studded energy that cannot go unnoticed. She can be seen on magazine covers, on music television shows, and in the headlines on the news. Recently, Lady Gaga has been the center of a controversy regarding a lot of money and a contract with her ex boyfriend.

Rob Fusari is Lady Gaga’s, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, ex boyfriend and is also a music producer. He is suing her for a reported $30 million dollars for breaking the contract. He claims that he co-wrote songs with her and created her image. Fusari is also claiming that as her fame and hype grew she dropped his services and got a new manager. Lady Gaga says that he is trying to collect for unlawful compensation and is going to fight his lawsuit.

Luckily for Lady Gaga this current controversy is not stopping her from coming out with great pop music and videos. Her fans are sticking by her side and she is selling a lot of tickets for her current tour called The Monster Ball Tour. She released her first album called The Fame in 2008. She started her singing and songwriting career in the Lower East Side of New York and was influenced by David Bowie. She wrote songs at Interscope records before producing her own album. The Fame introduced music fans to hit songs such as Poker Face and Just Dance.

Her music is constantly being played on Internet Radio and traditional radio stations. If you are streaming a pop or electronic music radio channels on the Internet, you will more than likely hear one of her amazingly upbeat and fun songs. She won two Grammy awards for the Fame album and released a second album last year called The Fame Monster. One of the hits from that album is called Bad Romance and a new release song called Telephone is taking over radio stations.

In addition to being an Internet radio sensation she also writes music, plays the piano,
uses a synthesizer and keytar, designs clothes, and donates to charities. She has a production team that helps bring her fashion inspirations into life which she calls the Haus of Gaga. Despite being in the middle of a controversy with her ex boyfriend, she continues to live up the Gaga hype and is a successful entertainer.

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The Age of Electronic Music

Electronic music hasn’t been around long in the realm of music’s timeline, due to the fact it has only been with technology that it came into being. What does the term Electronic Music mean exactly? Its formal definition is ‘music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production’.

Others say electronic music is that which is composed using electronic techniques (sampling, synthesizing, filtering, etc) and the focus of the piece is on the electronic aspects. So vocals can be part of an electronic composition, but they need to support the other electronic elements. Other definitions state that it is any music made with any electronic device.

While electronic music started in the late 19th century with the ability to record music it didn’t become popular until late 1960s due to the availability of affordable music technology. Today electronic music includes many varieties and ranges from experimental art music to popular forms such as electronic dance music.

Electronic music became experimental in the seventies with bands such as The Residents and Can. The band Can was one of the first bands to use tape loops for rhythm sections and The Residents created a custom built drum machine. Other artists in the 1970s who composed primarily electronic instrumental music were Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis. More notorious bands of the 70s who were incorporating synthesizers into their traditional rock arrangements included bands such as Genesis or The Cars. In British realms, there is David Bowie and Roxy Music.

Successful hit electronic singles in the early 1980s included “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode, “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League, “Whip It!” by Devo, and finally 1983’s “Blue Monday” by New Order, which became the best-selling 12-inch single of all time. There was also Prince, Peter Gabriele and Depeche Mode who featured synthesizers and gave electronic music a boost.

Today, within the electronic music genre, there are numerous styles, they include: Ambient, Breakbeat/Breaks, Downtempo,IDm, Hardcore Technology, Industrial, Jungle/D’n’B, Techno, Trance, and House.

Within each of these groupsigs are further subgroupings. Each style is identified by its beat. For example, Breakbeat is identified by its use of intricate rhythms for their drum patterns with heavy amounts of syncopation in a 4/4 beat with the bass hitting the 1st and 3rd beats and the snare hitting the 2nd and 4th beats. It is different from the steady beats seem in other styles such as house.

Computer technology and software has also helped the electronic music industry evolve. As technology and software becomes more advanced, opportunities for musicians or producers has increased.

Such tools provide viable and cost-effective alternatives to typical hardware-based production studios, and with advances in microprocessor technology, professionals say it is now possible to create high quality music using little more than a single laptop computer. These advances have lead to a large increase in the amount of home-produced electronic music available to the general public via the Internet. Artists can now also individuate their production practice by creating personalized software synthesizers, effects modules, and various composition environments. Devices that once existed exclusively in the hardware domain can easily have virtual counterparts.

There may be no end to the world of electronic music as more types of sounds are discovered through manipulating electronics and then reconstructing them into tempos. While electronic music may not have been around for a while, we may only be experiencing its very beginnings only to see it evolve quite significantly into the future.

Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

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    Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile.

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