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What can I find on

977 Music offers over 25 channels of handpicked, human programmed streaming radio channels using flash technology. Feel free to reach to out other members who like the same music as you do too.  Each artist we play has a dedicated page and it's an easy way to hook up with other members who like the same music. Click HERE to start the music

What Genres of music do you offer?

Currently 977 Music offers over 25 streaming Internet Radio channels, including:  Top 40, 80s, 90s, Alternative, Country, Smooth Jazz, Adult Rock, Classic Rock, EDM, Reggae, Latin, Comedy, Oldies R N B and many more Formats.

What if I have a problem or receive an error on

If you are experiencing troubles while accessing the site, First try to refresh your page and see if the problem persists. If you are still having troubles accessing the site, please contact us at: When e-mailing a trouble ticket to us, please include the error or problem in detail (exactly what happened), the time of the error or problem and your contact information so we can get back to you in a timely manner with a resolution. If you witness any abuses on 977 Music, those complaints can be directed to

I love your music, can I download it or can you send me a copy?

977 Music is unable to allow you to download any of our music directly from this site. However, you can purchase just about everything we play from our partner Amazon MP3.

I'm in a band, manage a band or I'm just creative and I want to submit my music to you. How do I go about doing that?

977 Music is always willing to hear new music creations. You can send your MP3's for review to

I'm not earning any points, how come?

We've temporarily stopped the points program while we rebuild the features of the site. We hope to restart the program soon and none of your points are lost and are saved in your profile.

How does your website work? How can I find friends?

Make sure you first sign up for an account.  Once you have an account, you can now earn points, chat on the message boards, post a blog, create your own playlist and everything else the website offers.

The best way to find friends is to click the "browse" tab at the top.  That is the list of every member in our community.  You are able to see them but not communicate with them yet. 

Once you find someone interesting, click the "add friends" button and wait for them to approve you.  Once appproved, you'll be able to leave comments on their profile and communicate through their personal 977music e-mail.  You can also find friends that have the same interest in music as you by browsing the Top Artists page and adding friends from those pages.

Other ways to make friends is by blogging and writing compelling articles.  Other people read the blogs and may request you as a friend and vice versa.  You can also use the chat room to find friends.

The Flash Player doesn't play any music it just sits there and says "buffering".

More than likely you are behind a corporate firewall that blocks rtmp streaming over port 80.  You'll need to convince that great IT department of yours to unblock rtmp streaming over port 80 on their firewall.  Bring them donuts, that always works :)

I don't seem to be able to upload photos to my profiole pic or galllery

All Files must be under 100k in size and we only accept .jpg files extentions at this time.  Also,  the way our system is set-up, it may take up to an hour for your pics to show up.

I don't want other people on the site to contact me for privacy reasons

Simple fix for this.  Just go to the profile Settings --> Settings and make sure "private profile" is checked.