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We Are Only Guests.....
 I just want everyone one to know that we are guests of . When The 977music chat room was hit , i sent the "Core" chatters and mods ...
70's Rock Apr 13, 2010
The Chat Room
 The chat room has been Hacked and will not open untill furter notice. I am very sorry to say that changes will be made to find a better type of chat room. I , like ...
70's Rock Apr 8, 2010
More visitors
 I have seen some new names pass though the chat room. Moose , Crazy daisy , wow, and a few more. All of you guys use the blogs , forum and i'd like to see more of y...
70's Rock Sep 29, 2009
The Link For ~Callie~
Here is the link for my friends news story. It would be nice if you took the time to read the short article and then comment if you would please. If you read  the co...
70's Rock Sep 24, 2009
Thanks DJ Tremble!
 Thanks for what you said live about the 977music chat room! Your right , people from all over ther world meet there . We are earing points with the live show on , a...
70's Rock Sep 18, 2009
Easy Points
 It's easy points , login , choose your music , sign into the chat room. We have read the blogs , forums and now are just earning points for hanging out with others ...
70's Rock Sep 15, 2009
Command list ,Chat room help
What IRC commands are available for Chat? There are several command-line options that users and moderators can use for advanced functionality. These options...
70's Rock Sep 15, 2009
I See You Looking @ Me
 Yeah , i see all of the "Profile" views. Why dont you add me? Is the scary pic of the Grim Reaper and a bunny keeping you away? Come on now...... just add...
70's Rock Sep 14, 2009
Chat Room Commands
 Well ,I see new peeps popping in and out real fast. Please stay and type ... /back 30  ..... that command will show you the last 30 posts in the chat room. You...
Today's Hits Sep 10, 2009
HardCore Mo-Fo's Needed
 Thats who i am looking for , HardCore users. If you love the music , are lurking around the site for points , then your who i am looking for! The "...
Comedy Sep 9, 2009

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