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One Two Three Four I declare today a ....
HUG WAR!!!!! The rules are simple, you need to leave a hug, ((((   ))))) on your friends profile.  You need to leave it on the comment section where you h...
Adult Hits Jan 28, 2010
Tomorrow is Thursday.  Are you all ready  to find out what kind of war?...
Today's Hits Jan 27, 2010
One Two Three Four......
I declare Thursday a .................................   Well, if you want to know what kind of war, you will have to read my blog Thursday morning.  I will l...
Today's Hits Jan 24, 2010
I wish they would make waterproof cell phones.  My husband has dumped 2 cell phones in the hot tub in the last 3 months.  The latest cell phone he had less than...
Adult Hits Jan 21, 2010
I hope everyone that is going through this "Artic Chill"  is finding ways to stay warm.  We have 1 more day of it in Colorado.  Can't wait until ...
Adult Hits Jan 7, 2010
New Years In Colorado Springs
This blog is for Moose.  He says he likes my picture of Pikes Peak.  Right now as I type this there is a group of men called he Add a Man club hiking up Pikes P...
Adult Hits Dec 31, 2009
Have a Great Christmas
Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!! I have been lurking around not saying much.  I've been very busy at work and it's been a month already this week. ...
Adult Hits Dec 22, 2009
What kind of Pizza is this?
We had this pizza made special for my son's Birthday Party last month.  It's a dessert pizza.  Can you guess what kind of pizza?    ...
Adult Hits Dec 15, 2009
Be Careful What you Wish For
Monday my boys were kind of excited they got a 2 hour delay because of the snow, of course they wanted a snow day.  They went to school and one of the teachers told ...
Adult Hits Dec 10, 2009
Thank You!!!
Thank You! Thank You! A Thousand times, Thank You!!!! I now have 1000 plus friends!!!!  :) Thank you to each and everyone of you!!!!!!  :)...
Adult Hits Nov 14, 2009

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