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Have a Good Week
I hope everyone has a good and safe week....
Adult Hits Sep 14, 2009
What's on yours??????
Due to the fact I work with people that don't know their alphabet or how to organize numberically, I was forced to work in the file room Wednesday.  This took me awa...
Adult Hits Sep 10, 2009
Look what I woke up to this morning
I wanted to share with everyone what we wake up to every morning Labor Day Weekend, weather permitting of course.    Here are some pictures I took this mor...
Adult Hits Sep 6, 2009
I met someone new too!!!!!
Yes, I went to the live chat and met the Grim Reaper.  What a great person!!!!   A great guide on the features of the live chat.  If you haven't check...
Adult Hits Sep 4, 2009
Have a good week!
Hope everyone has a good week. Looking forward to seeing the new tattoo Daisy!!!!  ...
Today's Hits Aug 31, 2009
Happy Friday!!!!!  Enjoy the Weekend everyone!!!!...
Adult Hits Aug 28, 2009
Happy Hump Day
Happy Hump Day!!!! Half way through the week!!!!!! :)...
Adult Hits Aug 26, 2009
Profile Views
I just noticed on my profile I have over 150 views.  If only these people would have invited me to be their friend we both would be earning points. ...
Adult Hits Aug 19, 2009
End of the Weekend
It's so sad, the end of the weekend comes too quickly. Have a good week everyone!...
Today's Hits Aug 16, 2009
Happy Friday
Happy Friday everyone!!!! We made it!!!!!  ...
Adult Hits Aug 14, 2009

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