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Boys, boys, boys!
I commented on my friend's blog with something that made me think of men. My computer chair was broken for months last fall, actually I only had a few weeks of good ti...
70's Rock Jan 14, 2010
Help wanted!
At first I thought of writing "Legalize slavery" as a topic but I figured it may cause too much controversy. So, it's just a headnote to my blog today. Sorry ab...
Comedy Jan 12, 2010
What's your sign?
Horoscopes. Many of us read them, fewer are ready to admit believing in them. I've always loved reading books about my sign and what's supposed to be characteristic to us...
Today's Hits Jan 10, 2010
When a man loves a woman
Don't you just love love? I love the idea of romantic love, falling in love, being happy with someone that adores you as much as you adore them. Unfortunately, life's...
Comedy Jan 7, 2010
1st of January
I love the morning of the first day of the first month. It gives me this sense of purity, new, kind of tabula rasa. And it seems to me that the first morning of a year is...
Jazz Music Jan 1, 2010
The end of another year
This is it again, another year has swiftly passed us by. I guess it is true, what they say, that time flies the faster the older you get. I just woke up to a sunny new da...
Jazz Music Dec 27, 2009
I like attention. I want attention. I live in a long distance relationship, so you can imagine the importance of giving time and attention to one another. The problem is...
Jazz Music Dec 20, 2009
People you ought to know
Last night, I started thinking about - you wouldn't believe - me! A lot has changed since last year. I study now, my relationship is on balance and during my holiday I'v...
Alternative Dec 18, 2009
Good girl syndrome
Here we go again. I finally have a chance to relax, and look what happens? I've got a fever. I don't know if there's a name for what I am suffering from year after year, ...
Jazz Music Dec 15, 2009
Bring it on!
I made it! I'm officially on holiday. When I dragged my butt on school this morning to do that last exam this year, it was snowing. Big white, beautiful flakes. It was...
Jazz Music Dec 11, 2009

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