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Long Weekend
coming up there is a long weekend in store for me. I am super excited because I am planning on ripping through that house like a tornado. CLEAN every inch of that house. ...
70's Rock Nov 8, 2010
I have the flu
I am super sick, on day three with this flu. I'm at work, going to get everyone sick. I know it sounds mean but this place is where I got it from so I am saying LETS SHAR...
70's Rock Nov 5, 2010
I can't believe that it started snowing on Halloween this year and since its been freezing cold outside. I know I live in Canada but hell its NEW BRUNSWICK not YUKON. Dav...
70's Rock Nov 3, 2010
Nothing new is going on in my life right now, I just keep myself busy being back to work this week, I did the biggest report ever, so proud of my self. My Jesse boy is 13...
70's Rock Oct 28, 2010
So Ive been gone on vacation, well technically im still in the same city, just not sitting at work. I have to admit, I rather be here working then home with kids and anim...
70's Rock Oct 22, 2010
I brought my puppy home on Saturday. Hes 6 weeks old and super cute. Hes adjusting quite well living at home with us. I miss him so much when I am at work. I think hes th...
70's Rock Oct 13, 2010
Hi guys, Jeff I'll be landing in Vegas Oct 31st and leaving November 6th. I uploaded new pictures of Jesse, one more week to go and I get to bring him home. The guy sai...
70's Rock Oct 3, 2010
Just found out that I am in Vegas for a week in November and again in December. How cool is that. I wonder if there's going to be good shows going on in November since De...
70's Rock Oct 1, 2010
Vegas Baby Yeah
I am going to Las Vegas for work in December, I'm super pumped. I am going down for some training, and in the evening I plan on exploring. Oh man its going to be great. I...
70's Rock Sep 28, 2010
I have really low blood pressure, and its a combination of not drinking enough fluids, and my anti depression pills. I can't even bend over or get up too fast without fee...
70's Rock Sep 27, 2010

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