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I uploaded 3 new pictures of Jesse, go check out my pics. My coworker just got her dog the other night and hes so tiny and cute, I cant wait to bring my baby boy home so ...
70's Rock Sep 24, 2010
yesterday I blogged and then forgot to save it, so today I am going to blog again! Last night I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose and I started thinking, that we are no...
70's Rock Sep 22, 2010
i <3 977 Music dot Com
i just want to say I love 977 music so much, its my work companion, my blog is my therapy, my commenters make my day. Im so happy! I just want to love people who hate. ...
70's Rock Sep 20, 2010
Jesse Boy
My rotti is 3 weeks old today Im expecting some pictures in the next few days. I have uploaded a few of his 2 weekers on my page. Hey I wanted to ask you guys what was up...
70's Rock Sep 18, 2010
i had to call in sick at work yesterday because my ears were plugged solid, i went to the hospital and they took a look and found both ears was full of clear fluids, and ...
70's Rock Sep 14, 2010
I am chillin at  work, I am flying solo for a bit my co worker is gone to a convention. I am glad its her and not me, I am practically deaf in one ear. My cold has m...
70's Rock Sep 10, 2010
Blah Day
I'm having a very blah day today. Maybe its because I am sick. Maybe its because I am annoyed by my husband. Tonight I plan on having a little talk about contributing to ...
70's Rock Sep 9, 2010
Hump Day :o)
I posted some pictures of Jesse, his mom and his dad. I don't really post pictures often in here. I think this is the first time really. I think I will put some more up s...
70's Rock Sep 8, 2010
Labor Day
I am so glad that this is Labor day, the last day of summer for the kids, I love having mondays off because the rest of the week will fly. Whoohoo.  Saturday I went ...
70's Rock Sep 6, 2010
Friday night
I did all my laundry, cleaned up everything in the yard for the wind. I also filled up my bathtub with water incase we lose power, that way we can still flush the toilet....
70's Rock Sep 3, 2010

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