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Chat Room
I am off friday, saturday, sunday and monday. Whoohoo. So today is my friday. I will have plenty of time to go in the chat room. I am having a great time at work today de...
70's Rock Sep 2, 2010
The weather network
Last night I fell asleep with the weather network blaring from the tv and I had a dream about the hurricane. So far its 36C here in Saint John. Very hot. Im not used to t...
70's Rock Sep 1, 2010
Hurricane Earl
So I have to cancel my Corn Boil that I had planned all summer on saturday, because hurricane earl is coming and dumping 40 - 50 mm of rain. The way I see it, I just save...
70's Rock Aug 31, 2010
yay its monday and its not a bad day, its almost 36 out there, I feel like I will be hiding in the house tonight, way too hot for me. I hope that it cools off this evenin...
70's Rock Aug 30, 2010
Hey guys
Hey peeps, Ive been super mega busy these past days. Mariah is recovering from her operation, and then I had to run back and forth to the doctors. I have some good new...
70's Rock Aug 25, 2010
So I got two days off this week to take my 11 yr old daughter to the hospital for her operation, she had a impacted tooth. The tooth was logged in her chin bone and a cys...
70's Rock Aug 20, 2010
Not moving
okay so now I decided that I wont be moving to Ontario. I just thinking the move is too risky, and I feel bad for up rooting my kids. I can;t justify leaving a good payin...
70's Rock Aug 18, 2010
T Storm
Here's in hopes to a nice thunder storm later today!!  I got everything done yesterday. Today I managed to get all the little annoying things done too. Im not so def...
70's Rock Aug 17, 2010
Monday Blues
So I come to work this morning almost forgetting what hectic day I had on Friday, only to look on my desk and see this huge pile of work that I still have to complete. OM...
70's Rock Aug 16, 2010
Addicted to Chat
I can;t sit on the computer all day like I want to. I have to get so much stuff done around this house, not to mention my in laws are coming over. I suppose they will wan...
70's Rock Aug 15, 2010

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