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I am on my way right now to pick some blueberries and blackberries with the kids. I hope we get a lot. This should be fun!!!     PS I only seen a couple mete...
70's Rock Aug 14, 2010
Meteor Shower
Anyone out there watching the meteor shower? WOW its beautiful. I watched it last night, I love august for this reason. Its so neat. I have been super busy. Right now I a...
70's Rock Aug 13, 2010
Long time no blog
OMG I didn't blog for 5 days I think I must be sick ... lol actually a lot has been going on. Work has been crazier than ever with these unexpected deadlines for programs...
70's Rock Aug 10, 2010
Yay for thursday
I havent posted in a few days, i am so tired that I can barely think. I need some sleep. I hope all of you have a super weekend, I know I will. Chat soon!...
70's Rock Aug 5, 2010
18 Pounds
So far I lost 18 pounds. I am super mega excited. I started July 5th doing low carb. I have to keep doing low carb if I want to keep losing. I have about 70 pounds left t...
70's Rock Aug 2, 2010
Charlie St. Cloud
Going to a wedding today at 1. I dont really want to go, I can think of a few things to do on a saturday. Oh well, its more for Dave than myself. We went to the movi...
70's Rock Jul 31, 2010
I watched a super cool storm last night, loved every minute of it. No one woke up to watch it but me. Even Dave was too tired to get up to enjoy mother natures entertainm...
70's Rock Jul 29, 2010
Hump Day!!
Hey everyone, how is life treating yas? Wokring hard here, I finally found time to blog. I skipped lunch and break, so I am taking my afternoon break to blog. lol My husb...
70's Rock Jul 28, 2010
Juvenile Diabetes
I took my kid in to the doctor last night because she was complaining of a sore stomach and it turns out she had a bladder infection. In the process, they found sugar in ...
70's Rock Jul 27, 2010
Hey Guys!
How is life out there???  Its monday and I am busy, maybe a little too busy to be sitting here blogging, but whats 30 seconds out of my day considering I haven't gon...
70's Rock Jul 26, 2010

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