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I wish i knew how to swim
now that my son is in swimming lessons, I wish I knew how to swim so I can enjoy with him. He has so much fun. and adds to his childhood.  I grew up very poor so we ...
70's Rock May 3, 2010
beautiful day here's what I propose
Hello All, we actually had snow the past two days.  It is very unsual this time of year but now we are back on track with about 20 or more degrees.  So I th...
70's Rock Apr 29, 2010
white hair vs weeds
why is it that everytime I pull out one, three more appear??...
70's Rock Apr 26, 2010
Happy Earthday....share your tips
1. If I don't finish my glass of water, the plants get the rest. 2.Always have my own coffee mug (cant stand coffee from styrofoam) 3. when using the printer always set...
70's Rock Apr 22, 2010
so i got my pay raise
some please confim simple math for me  $0012.70 - $0011.59 = $1.11 increase Are you kidding me??  what a crummy monday...
70's Rock Apr 12, 2010
tell me if I am wrong, not gonna take offence
So on Sat (which was also Earth day) I was going to the mall with the family.  A few cars down from us were some young ladies with infants getting out of their car.&...
70's Rock Mar 30, 2010
wanna know how cheap I am??
well my son who is now well potty trained wastes all the liquid soap in the washroom.  He was easily going through a container in 2 days.  So one day I took the...
70's Rock Mar 25, 2010
Congrats US neighbours on you Health Care reform package.
Maybe I am stirring up controversary here but universal health care is important.  We have it here in Canada.  It is not a perfect system but for the most part ...
70's Rock Mar 22, 2010
it is finally Fri...
it has been a rough week for me. So glad it is finally friday.  Gonna have a bbq tomorrow. You all have a good weekend........
70's Rock Mar 19, 2010
May  there always be work for your hands to do; May your purse  always hold a coin or two; May  the sun always shine on your windowpane; May ...
70's Rock Mar 17, 2010

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