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Who is Irish out there???
Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.   I lived there for 12 yrs and have lots of happy memories. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone...
70's Rock Mar 17, 2010
I got 10, 000 points ....Booooo- Yaaaaaa!!
took me a while but triple point thurs helped me out ........
70's Rock Mar 4, 2010
More Olympics: Paralympians
I would also like to give a special recognition to ALL Paralympian athletes.  One of my close friends lost her leg to cancer and now competes in downhill skiing.&nbs...
Adult Hits Mar 3, 2010
Trying to be a humble Canadian after winning GOLD in HOCKEY!!!
Hey Everyone, We are having a really good buzz today after finishing on top in the Olympics.  Great Hockey game yesterday and we are very very very proud.  T...
70's Rock Mar 1, 2010
its saturday and I am at work :(
Someone feel sorry for me please??...
70's Rock Feb 27, 2010
Anyone else planning Summer Vacation??
With all this miserable  weather, I am planning my summer vacation. any ideas??...
70's Rock Feb 25, 2010

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