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Sorry I had to get technical
It's sad, BUT I have to work 2morrow night starting @ 4PM, and Sat+Sun N-5PM...  So it looks like i'm NOT gonna get to sleep in too much this weekend...  My Kid...
70's Rock Nov 19, 2009
Thursday, and Friends
I totally LOVE  I have 145,551 points...  I hope b4 next year starts of having 200,000...  I'm trying to get as many friends and points as ...
70's Rock Nov 5, 2009
More Friends PLEASE....
I'll add anyone to my list, PLEASE add me folks...  It's a win/win, cuz we both get points...  Thank you so very much everyone I really APPRECIATE it.......
70's Rock Nov 5, 2009
I would love more friends, PLEASE add me, thank you very much...
70's Rock Oct 7, 2009
Yet another trip pt Thursday....
I am happy to be earning HUGE points today...  Last Thursday I earned I think bout 2500pts..  I hope b4 this month is over I have @least 12000pts..  I aske...
70's Rock Sep 17, 2009
977music ROCKS!!!
I totally love the new It is really awesome... I just wish I could earn points faster...  I listen to the 80's, Classic Rock, Comedy, and Oldies... T...
80's Hits Apr 7, 2009

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