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Season Finalies
Well this week is when most of the series are coming to an end for the TV fisical year is over.  A downside of this is that Jack Bauer's 24 is coming to an end, whic...
70's Rock May 24, 2010
Well I got my grades at the begining of the week and well, haha.  Got A, B, B, C, F. Not to bad but not to good either to be honest.  The F was in the class tha...
Today's Hits May 20, 2010
Weird Looking animal
So today on my way into school I forgot I had to drop off the equipment I checked out over the weekend, So i pulled a u-turn and went down the road, I saw what I believe ...
Today's Hits May 17, 2010
Hot Hot Hot
Man its way to hot today to do anything productive, and yet I gotta film some scenes for a film project I have to do, its not going to be a good day at all.  But Hey...
Today's Hits May 13, 2010
Its not as bad but today is my day off from school and here I am in the library doing work.  It seems that I can't get away from this school at all.  But I know...
Today's Hits May 12, 2010
Rain Rain Rain
Well, the photo shoot I had today has been scraped due to rain.  I don't know when I'll be able to get a model for another day which sucks.  Ill ask around some...
Today's Hits May 11, 2010
Well, today im in class and the teacher doesnt show up, unfourtunalty the school doesnt have rules about leaving class when the teacher doesn't show, so ive decided ill l...
Today's Hits May 10, 2010
Well today im back at the school on a Sunday, there is something espically something wrong with this picture.  Hopefully I wont be here much longer because its annoy...
Today's Hits May 9, 2010
What i Did yesterday
Ok, so yesterday I might as well as been the laziest person in the world.  What I did yesterday was sit in front of a computer screen and watched all of Season 3 of ...
Today's Hits May 8, 2010
School on a Saturday???
Im here at school on a Saturday to do some work.  I think that is just wrong because of the simple fact that its a Saturday.  No one should have to go to school...
70's Rock May 8, 2010

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