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Laptop Fan
Ok so after my rants about Justin Bieber and Suzuki, i felt my laptop and it was running out, which made me remember I need to buy an external laptop fan. Does anyone ...
Today's Hits May 6, 2010
Still problems with my car
After my late sitrep from Planet Suzuki in Charlotte NC, if was driving the car around to make sure things are still alright.  The major problem is fixed, but the ot...
Today's Hits May 6, 2010
Justin Bieber
This is just my opinion. With Justin Bieber in the News once again about his interview gone bad, it made me think about someone very similar to him.  I believe th...
Today's Hits May 6, 2010
Back at Suzuki
So i picked up my car yesterday and paid the 500 dollars for its service.  Driving it back I noticed that the entire steering wheel was vibrating.  At first I t...
70's Rock May 5, 2010
Suzuki Troubles
So I have a 2007 black Suzuki Forenza that was running pretty well up till yesterday at about 430.  Left the school @ 330 to go home get some food and watch tv befor...
Today's Hits May 4, 2010
Macintosh Problems
So, soon after i did my last blog, i was having some issues with the Mac.  This didnt effect the music that was playing, but it did do was freeze up my computer.&nbs...
Today's Hits Apr 29, 2010
Goverment Regulating Facebook
Well its been a few days since ive last posted something in the blogs, so ill just talk about facebook.  Whats up with the goverment trying to regulate everything on...
Today's Hits Apr 27, 2010
Sad News
Unfortunatly, the internet went out at the Apartment last night.  I don't know when i'll be getting a good connection back again :(.  Just as I sign up to earn ...
Today's Hits Apr 22, 2010
Right now I'm listening to The Hitz channel on my Itunes player.  Keep on hearing commercials about the link you are listening to will soon no longer work.  Try...
Today's Hits Apr 21, 2010
So yesterday, I was at school most of the day, but between my classes, i was on facebook.  Im one of those type of people who don't clear their requests right away, ...
Today's Hits Apr 21, 2010

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