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It's Thursday Again
 Here we are , another thursday. Some new faces are showing up in the chat room and some are just coming back everyday now. Today is a good day to just put the music...
70's Rock Oct 8, 2009
Things are getting better
 It does seem as things are getting better for the chat room. I now see a lot of you guys in there from time to time. Now you all need to run into one another insted...
Today's Hits Oct 1, 2009
I need better topics
 It seems like i need better topics for triple point thursday. I don't want to go on & on about the chat room. I really don't have much going on in my life , oth...
70's Rock Sep 24, 2009
Re: Chat Help
  Ha Ha Ha .....It's not that bad. Thanks for thinking of me though. Remember that i bugged you to blog last night , you did , and got the points. So it looks like i...
70's Rock Sep 17, 2009

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