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Oh Duh...By the way .... Happy New Year :)...
70's Rock Dec 30, 2010
Rock On!
Yea, Rock On, thats my favorite saying...Haven't got much to say today, I'm only blogging because nobody is in the chat today, this is very very strange, seems like every...
70's Rock Dec 11, 2010
Yay, back to work... I love my job hahaha... I have to wonder if any real persons actually win anything from the lottery, personally I have only heard stories but never m...
70's Rock Dec 2, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you all have a safe and pleasant holiday. Well the latest is that the other members would like to add another vocalist, I'm thinking may...
70's Rock Nov 25, 2010
Hi all
Just checkin in, nothing new this week except I am now getting swamped with people who want to be a drummer in the band now that we have one, it took a year to find one n...
70's Rock Nov 18, 2010
Hi Y'all
So far so good, we are progressing as planned, we may even be ready to play out by the first of the year.  count8162, you asked about a recording, we haven't put any...
70's Rock Nov 4, 2010
Ok, the audition went well, looks like we have a drummer and he picked up the material well on the first day, he says he will stay with us but winter will tell all as he ...
70's Rock Oct 28, 2010
Phil didn't show
Well, we got all set for the drummers audition, we actually set up our stage equipment and the guy never showed up, he never called or anything, At this point I don't car...
70's Rock Oct 21, 2010
Hellooo People
Not much to say this week, the band is still moving forward and its beginning to look like its gonna be a completely new band by the time I get done but the music is soun...
70's Rock Oct 14, 2010
Blog lol
Ok, so I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks :P been a bit ill and just wasn't up to spending much time on the computer, ok the guitarist we auditioned is awesome and is...
70's Rock Oct 7, 2010

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