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Vacation over
Well, I'm back, the gig on Saturday went awesome, our old drummer showed up and supprised us, seems he only left because he couldn't stand our lead guitarist and decided ...
70's Rock Sep 23, 2010
Not much
Not much new here, how about you? Got another gig this weekend, gonna rock their sox off ;), Hope you all have a great weekend, I'll be playing Saturday and then its off ...
70's Rock Sep 16, 2010
The gig
Ok, the gig on Sunday went well, we played for about 6 hours and had a blast, there were other musicians that sat in during that time and played with us, thats always fun...
70's Rock Sep 9, 2010
Here it is
Ok, I was gonna wait til tomorrow to blog this so I get extra points, WOOT! I passed the state exam.... so that is out of the way and amazing enough we had a short practi...
70's Rock Sep 1, 2010
Ok, here is the update, we are down to 3 band members and this is gonna be tough to get thru the 2 gigs we have booked but, I think we have a drummer that will work with ...
70's Rock Aug 26, 2010
I'm just sitting here wondering why the chat is so empty, I would enjoy chatting with all of you bloggers...The chat is different than most chat rooms on the net...give i...
70's Rock Aug 20, 2010
Good news and bad
Well folks as expected the lead guitar player quit the band but it was long coming, thats the good news, now the bad... we have 2 gigs lined up in September and there isn...
70's Rock Aug 19, 2010
Hey I have a video that a friend took of me and a couple of the guys playing our acoustic rendition of Folsom Prision Blues at a BBQ this past week, do you think I should...
70's Rock Aug 12, 2010
I just noticed a tab in my profile that says Contest Entries, are there contests? I love contests, where do I sign up did I miss something?  I wanna be in the contes...
70's Rock Aug 12, 2010
New Music
Ok so a super good friend of mine has given me an idea for a new song, wish me luck, so far I only have the title :/ but I should have some free time to work on it today ...
70's Rock Aug 5, 2010

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