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In Shock
Am I the only one who is shocked that Crystal Bowersox didn't win? I mean Lee has a great voice but Crystal is a natural and captivated everyone and anyone who knows musi...
70's Rock May 27, 2010
Hi everyone, I see a lot of blogs from people saying they are looking for friends, A great way to find friends is to visit Club 977, This is the place where many 977 musi...
70's Rock May 21, 2010
With the counter not working I thought I would never get here, Ya 300,000 points finally...ok next goal is the 1/2 million...Keep on rockin me 977 :)...
70's Rock May 20, 2010
Is the points counter broken? been on for hours and have gotten 1 point. Hmmm....
70's Rock May 14, 2010
I think I enjoy reading the blogs more than writing them, I miss the people who use to blog here not long ago, seems that since we lost the flash chat most of them have f...
70's Rock May 13, 2010
Ok, since were on the subject of good questions...Why is it whenever I have a few shots I see that crazy dancing pink bunny?...
70's Rock Apr 27, 2010
I see someone took out the trash, I was just getting ready to look for a new place to chat and blog. It sux that we no longer have a chat and then with the babbling for p...
70's Rock Apr 20, 2010
Where the heck are all the chatters? If you lost the link go here some of the regulars have found their way there but where are the re...
70's Rock Apr 15, 2010
Seems some jerk Hacked the chat, way to go  8>l, ya get something going thats kinda cool and 1 jerk screws it up....way to friggin go....
70's Rock Apr 7, 2010
Not Annoyed
LOL, not annoyed today, all done working for the week and now I have 3 days off and looks like the good weather is gonna hold :)   Hope everyone is having a won...
70's Rock Apr 4, 2010

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