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Hi everyone
Ok, since the site won't let me comment on the blogs I guess I will have to make a general comment in my own blog. Happy New Year to all. I did want to say it was nice to...
70's Rock Jan 2, 2010
Ok, so I'm probably the only one working on Christmas morning...yes I work for Scrooge. Well its not all bad, I am in the Mill all alone, thats a plus, nobody to annoy me...
70's Rock Dec 25, 2009
Thats better
I see all it took was a lil nudge to wake everyone up, Thanks for sharing you guys :)...
70's Rock Dec 22, 2009
Hey You Guys!
What happened to all the blogers, we need some insight to lifes ups and downs here, c'mon people! Someone must have had a good day, or a bad day, what about a poem y...
70's Rock Dec 20, 2009
Be Good Moose
Ok, I will...Have you ever read something someone wrote and just wanted to reach into the computer  and squeeze their  self centered  arrogant &n...
70's Rock Dec 18, 2009

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