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I think the cold mountain air this weekend made me throat is sore, my head hurts, etc etc.  YUCK.  I am the worst sick person, such a baby.  Than...
Adult Hits Oct 21, 2009
Nice Weekend
We went to the mountains this weekend, stayed in a friends cabin.  It was nice to get out of town and just enjoy nature and quiet for awhile.  Back to the hustl...
Adult Hits Oct 20, 2009
My Friday
Since we are taking a long weekend to go to our friends cabin, this is my Friday!!  Yay!!  Hope everyone else has a good weekend......
Adult Hits Oct 15, 2009
Hump Day!
Wednesday, otherwise known as hump day...I am sooo looking forward to the weekend.  We are going to stay in a friend's cabin in the white mountains for the weekend.&...
Adult Hits Oct 14, 2009
Sedona, AZ
We went to Sedona yesterday for the was beautiful.  We hiked some trails in the Red Rock State Park, went shopping in the boutiques, and even visited their ...
Adult Hits Oct 12, 2009
Almost Friday!
This week has just dragged by...I'm glad its almost Friday.  Plus, I don't have to work tomorrow, so I booked myself a facial.  Very excited!!...
Adult Hits Oct 8, 2009
Its raining this morning and getting really cold (well cold for Arizonans!!).  We haven't had rain in forever.  I wish I were at home with some hot chocolate an...
Adult Hits Oct 7, 2009
Chat Room
Ok, I really need to know when the best time is to enter the chat room, because the past 3 times no one has been in there!!  I'm talking to myself people!!!  :)...
Adult Hits Oct 2, 2009
October came so fast...I can't believe its here and Christmas is just around the corner.  Time is really flying!  I'm glad the weekend is here so we can put up ...
Adult Hits Oct 2, 2009
Usually I am a morning person...I get right up and get going with my day.  I like my job (does anyone ever really LOVE their job?!?!), but this morning I just dreade...
Adult Hits Sep 29, 2009

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