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The best part about taking a vacation is scrapbooking your pictures and mementos when you get back.  I started a new scrapbook this weekend...I am very excited to ke...
Adult Hits Sep 28, 2009
Even though I just got back from vacation...I'm still extremely glad Friday is already here!!  Hope everyone has a great weekend......
Adult Hits Sep 25, 2009
Home Sweet Home
Just got back from was great being away and having fun, but it really is nice coming back home and sleeping in your own bed!!...
Adult Hits Sep 24, 2009
My husband and I are going to San Francisco this week...we are very excited.  Its still in the triple digits here, so it will be nice and cool and give us a break fr...
Adult Hits Sep 14, 2009
Triple Point Thursday
Yay...triple points today!! ...
Adult Hits Sep 10, 2009
Great Weekend
I was so busy yesterday catching up from the long weekend that I didn't have a chance to do anything but turn the music on and get to work!!  I had a great weekend w...
Adult Hits Sep 9, 2009
Long weekend
Finally its Friday, and a 3-day weekend.  It can't get any better!!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend....
Adult Hits Sep 4, 2009
Triple Points??
Does anyone know when they will have triple point thursday again??...
Adult Hits Sep 2, 2009
Love the new site!!
Just logged in this morning at work and I love the changes they have made to the look of the site....
Adult Hits Sep 1, 2009
My 1st Tattoo
Ok, here is a pic of my didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would!!...
Adult Hits Aug 31, 2009

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