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I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow...kinda nervous (I'm super afraid of needles, big or small)!!!  Wish me luck...I will try to post a pic of it later....
Adult Hits Aug 28, 2009
Happy Weekend
Happy Friday all...have a good weekend......
Adult Hits Aug 28, 2009
Computer Problems
I haven't been able to listen to my .977 music for a whole week because my work computer crashed!!  :(  So horrible sitting here in silence and not being able t...
Adult Hits Aug 28, 2009
My husband and I are still on our diet...he seems to be dropping pounds every second, while I lose maybe 1 pound every week or 2.  So not fair......
Adult Hits Aug 24, 2009
This week has dragged by, I'm so glad the weekend is finally here.  I'm going to spend it hanging out with my hubby, friends and our dogs......
Adult Hits Aug 21, 2009
Nickelback is in town next month with a couple of other great bands.  I'm sooo husband is taking me for my birthday!!...
Adult Hits Aug 19, 2009
Wow...just reached 100,000 points......
Adult Hits Aug 18, 2009
Monday's here...just starting my day with some .977 radio....
Adult Hits Aug 17, 2009
Stomach Flu
My husband officially has the stomach flu...was up with him all night long.  Now I'm not feeling all that great...gonna go home and crash....
Adult Hits Aug 12, 2009
I'm jealous of everyone's pics...I can't seem to get mine to load.  Does anyone else have a problem loading pictures??  Any ideas??...
Adult Hits Aug 11, 2009

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