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The weather
It is sunny today. People like running in the park....
70's Rock Apr 26, 2011
How are you?
I am fine....
70's Rock Apr 25, 2011
The weather is sunny today....
70's Rock Apr 24, 2011
It is rainy today...
70's Rock Apr 23, 2011
The view
The air is fresh here. Enjoy...
70's Rock Apr 22, 2011
I go to the waterfronk park. It is nice....
70's Rock Apr 22, 2011
The Easter
It is coming. What are you going to do?...
70's Rock Apr 21, 2011
I like folk songs....
70's Rock Apr 20, 2011
the weather
it is windy today...
70's Rock Apr 20, 2011
waiting for
I am waiting for the working proof in order to apply for a new job....
70's Rock Apr 19, 2011

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