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i finally got 1000 points!!! only a bazillion more to go!!!! lmao!!!...
Today's Hits Jul 8, 2009
i hate
my key board!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it doesn't even work right!!!!!!!ugh. at least i can type on it!!!!...
Today's Hits Jul 8, 2009
there is this chick in my office....and she will not stop talking. not only does she continue to talk, but damn she is loud....too bad the customer is always right!!! ble...
70's Rock Jul 7, 2009
i had to lol @ myself today. i was told congratulations for graduating w/ my bachelors degree, then made fun of for only have 300 points!!! see what good that did me!!...
90's Hits Jul 7, 2009
i <3 redbull
Today's Hits Jul 3, 2009
eating oatmeal
cookies is like having a bowl of oatmeal....right? lol :P...
Adult Hits Jul 2, 2009
i'm so stoked
because i am signing my loan docs today!!! i got my new car!!!!!! yay....
Today's Hits Jul 1, 2009
mj pt 2
i can't believe that michael jackson least we will always have his music. THRILLER shawna, we stillhave THRILLER!  ...
80's Hits Jun 26, 2009
michael jackson
is he really dead? or is it more media BS? no more THRILLER miss shawna, oh so sad :(...
80's Hits Jun 25, 2009
thats how many points i need for the visa gift card! oh yes, i aim high!  BUT, i don't even have 300 yet. is it even possible to get THAT MANY points!?!?!?...
70's Rock Jun 25, 2009

miss chicken w...
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