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thirty minutes
to go!!!! then i'm off work!!! well i get to leave the office, i'm not actually off work, but it's close enough!!...
70's Rock Jun 24, 2009
i take one day off and i forget how to work! haha. i'm so ready to take a nap! :) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Adult Hits Jun 24, 2009
5 o'clock
i know it's only 12:30 here but it's technically 5 o'clock some where right! or at least beer:30! wow, i hate mondays!...
Today's Hits Jun 22, 2009
how are you supposed to earn points when this thing keeps kicking you off?!?! bleh!...
Adult Hits Jun 19, 2009
bleh :p
it is supposed to be 94 freakin degrees today!  i'm going melt :( ...
90's Hits Jun 18, 2009
yay me!!!!
going shopping for a new car today!!! so excited!!...
Alternative Jun 17, 2009
1 <3 .977 but we need more seether!!! lots more!!! yay!...
Today's Hits Jun 16, 2009

miss chicken w...
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