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just hit 90000 w00t...
70's Rock Jan 21, 2010
it works
my speakers are working  now there not adjusting volume up and down ever second but have no idea how it fixed or what broke it but i have win 7 beta still i blam...
70's Rock Jan 21, 2010
been awhile
i know i havent logged on in a while but it was the holidays and i was dealing with family but the food was great i hope that everyone had good holiday fun and that t...
70's Rock Jan 18, 2010
today i graduate from school finally done today is a good day but what the hell i am i gonna to with myself no idea but i graduate w00t ...
70's Rock Dec 17, 2009
it the holiday season
i have no school no job and so bored but the holidays r here and that means a hell of a lot of god home cooked food i think the food would be the best part of the holid...
70's Rock Dec 3, 2009
free at last free
im done five years of schooling over with first getting my associates in computer tech and engineering  and now finishing my bachelors in internet security and syst...
70's Rock Nov 24, 2009
last friday
w00t this was my last friday class i so happy next monday is the last day period my last class last exam last anything to do with school the war is almost over...
70's Rock Nov 20, 2009
i did good
finished my presentation they said did good by wont get my grade for two weeks it my birthday and i will celebrate by completing my homework and labs exciting graduati...
70's Rock Nov 19, 2009
w00t almost done
just finished my final project all 112 pages and i present it tomarrow shit i have to have a tie and suit that will be uncomfortable now i can do my other homework 5 p...
70's Rock Nov 16, 2009
just fixed my email which is good because 977 somehow got to my blocklist now i will let known of messages and comment set my way still ant done with my homework but ...
70's Rock Nov 12, 2009

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