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almost done with schooling yea
but so much wok to do  i have this final project s far it at a 115 pages and still got like 20 pages till done then thers all the goddmn labs that need to be done wi...
70's Rock Nov 12, 2009
sick day but im jobless
why do i have to have the flu and an ear infection at the same time cause having ether one still sucks the same time just bad im running out of advil and cant figure out ...
70's Rock Oct 1, 2009
is it just me
is it just me that obama is power hungry i mean how many czars is going to create doesn't he have a cabinet full of people to run the country, i think he's using these cz...
70's Rock Sep 25, 2009
pointless blue laws and some rants
for those that have no idea what blue laws ares : type of law designed to enforce religious standards, particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest. ...
70's Rock Aug 22, 2009
My rant on discovery
In our internet age most of the major tv broadcasters have started to stream there shows online which is great i cant miss a show cause it online but what pisses me off i...
70's Rock Jul 10, 2009
100 page veiws
woot hundred page im popular well today was boring my schools lab are fixed it only took three weeks but now i can catchup with my labs and schooling woots i have...
70's Rock Jul 9, 2009
Its nice that good friends hang and party but it also shows how good these friends are. when the mess they leave behind they quietly slink away with saying good bye with ...
70's Rock Jul 5, 2009
Happy 4 of July
Happy 4 of July try not to blow up something to big and to all of the service men and women past, present and future, thank you for your tireless efforts for the freedoms...
Country Jul 4, 2009

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