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Friends and Family
Where I work is offering a 20% discount to Friends and Family.  I consider many of you my Friends.  Please go to and check it out. &nb...
Adult Hits Nov 12, 2009
Feeling Better!!!!
Well I am feeling much better, thank goodness!!!!  :) I guess all I needed to do was blog about not feeling good and get everyone's well wishes!  Thank very mu...
Today's Hits Nov 10, 2009
Still Breathing
Yes, I'm still breathing!!!!  Kyle asked me where I've been.  I've been around.  I haven't been feeling all that well for a few weeks, so I've been quiet.&...
Adult Hits Nov 6, 2009
What a way to end the week!!!!!
My 17 year daughter picked me up from work early today.  On the way home a song came on the radio and she asked me if it was Rob Thomas "Her Diamonds"?&nbs...
Adult Hits Oct 23, 2009
Thank you everyone for adding me as a friend.  I am now up to 500 friends.  This has done wonders for increasing my points.  :) Thank you all again....
Adult Hits Oct 11, 2009
I'm stuck
I'm stuck at home.  I need to go to work, but there is black ice on the roads and accidents all over the place.  A 16 car pile up at one of the intersections I ...
Adult Hits Oct 10, 2009
Triple Point Thursdays
Everyone has to love Triple Point Thursdays!!!  ...
Adult Hits Oct 8, 2009
Welcome to Fall
Today in the 70's tomorrow the 40's and snow!!!!  Fall in the Rockies!!!!! Speaking of the Rockies, Go Rockies in the play offs!!!!  :)...
Today's Hits Oct 7, 2009
Earning Points!!!!!
I just made it to 100,000!!!!!!!  This in a little over 2 months.  Yes it is possible to rack up the points.  Thank you Grim for the great pointers on ...
Adult Hits Oct 4, 2009
Yes, today is triple point Thursday which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!! We made it through another week. Have a good weekend everyone. :)...
Adult Hits Oct 1, 2009

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