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My Car Again
Sorry you all, yes, my car again.  I just can't get what Pep Boys did out of my head.  Yes I am going to let the warranty company know.  Actually, after so...
Adult Hits Sep 26, 2009
We made it to Friday.  I'm so glad.  The weather is finally going to warm up a bit.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!! Be Safe...
Adult Hits Sep 25, 2009
Update on my Car
Well, I took it to a dealership.  Yes, good move on my part in more ways then one.  The guy that worked at the old dealership that closed works at this one...
Adult Hits Sep 24, 2009
Yes, it happened, we had our first snow storm yesterday.  It also snow today and they are saying it is going to snow overnight and make the drive to work nasty. ...
Adult Hits Sep 22, 2009
The state of customer service now days
So if anyone read my previous blog, they figured out I didn’t have the greatest weekend.  It all started Friday afternoon when my car broke down on the way hom...
Adult Hits Sep 21, 2009
Here we go again!!!
Hope everyone has a good week.  For me, it can only be better after the weekend I had.  How sad is that?...
Adult Hits Sep 21, 2009
Weekend jobs around the house
Okay guys, the ones that have houses, when was the last time you cleaned your dryer vent.  Never.  Do you know that it is recommended that it is cleaned 2 times...
Adult Hits Sep 18, 2009
The Peak
Well, I had in my mind what I was going to blog about today and it was totally changed when I drove to work and saw Pikes Peak.   There is snow on the Peak!!!!!...
Adult Hits Sep 17, 2009
Chat Help
People really need to visit the Grim Reaper, AKA Whyme, in the chat room.  He is very lonley there by himself.  I am only one person and I can not keep him comp...
Adult Hits Sep 16, 2009
We're half way there!!!!!
We are half way through the week.   Hope everyone is having a good one!!!!!!!...
Today's Hits Sep 16, 2009

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