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An Interesting Place in my city
I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is pretty much right in the middle of the state.    Every morning I drive to work and my view is of a famous mou...
70's Rock Aug 12, 2009
Karma/Reap what you Sow/Energy
Let's see what you all think about Karma or Reaping what you sow, or Possitive Energy.  What do you believe in and why?  There are no right or wrong answers.&nb...
Adult Hits Aug 11, 2009
I Need A Life
I listen when I am at work.  I am working at home and listening to The Mix.  I love the music, but I need a life.  LOL  :)...
Adult Hits Aug 6, 2009
Way to Go on the Points
It gives the rest of us hope!!!!!!!   :)...
Adult Hits Aug 5, 2009

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