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hey. i just wanted to say happy veteran's day and that my tour at montclair state university today was amazing!! i didn't have the best tour guides. there were 4 and i...
70's Rock Nov 11, 2009
ahh good day
hey just got home from school about an hour ago. it was a long day. my presentation  went well though. and my educational psychology class where all my tests have be...
70's Rock Nov 10, 2009
hey school folks
ooh man i'm on the phone and i should be in bed i tour montclair state university in the morning!!! i'm excited. i  hope i like it because i think it's where i'll pr...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 10, 2009
presenting tomorrow.
oh my!! today is pretty boring, but it's a monday and i've only been up for almost 2 hours.. islept in because i didn't fall asleep until like 4 30am. but that's okay. sc...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 9, 2009
ahhh !
hey everyone! i'm finally working on my literary review. and after this i'm going to get on the treadmill. manmanman, i've been slacking so much. and i've just been de...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 8, 2009
ahhh night
  tomorrow i'm definitely working on my literary review!! i have an appointment at 1pm so it's actually today. sunday. and it's 3 09 am so i should be in ...
70's Rock Nov 8, 2009
happy bday brother!!
i'm feeling all right. not too great, but okay overall. today is my brother's 24th birthday. so happy birthday mark!! and my nephew is playing with a lot of animal action...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 7, 2009
i'm really really really depressed and i don't know why. i really hope it doesn't stay because i've been doing well for so so so long. i've gone since mid march without a...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 6, 2009
the chat!!
i'm in the chat and it's good to see all of you!! this is mind-boggling !~!!!! lol i didn't think so many people would be on at 2 24 pm on a friday...
70's Rock Nov 6, 2009
school 24/7
school went very very  very well today. i didn't have to present in music class today, thank goodness. we watched meet the browns. lol. computer literacy test wasn't...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 3, 2009

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