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i have so much schoolwork to do. i studied for my health and wellness midterm, but some questions i'm just so unsure about so i facebook messaged my friend hoping she wou...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 2, 2009
what a boring halloween.
it's almost 8 30 pm. britt still isn't home from delaware. and i didn't have much of a halloween. i went to my godmother's party about 45 minutes away in delaware county...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 1, 2009
i've been so stressed out so i haven't been on much. i miss it. happy halloween everyone....
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 31, 2009
longtime no see
brittany is improving. but she'll still be there for a while. i shouldn't be awake and i have class in the morning. i'm about to go to sleep. but i just wanted to upda...
70's Rock Oct 29, 2009
i spent the night at brit's. she's going back to dupont children's hospital in delaware on monday. and it scares me because i never know what will happen. i hope she's ok...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 24, 2009
i toured rider university today and it was awesome. i still want to tour montclair state university, though. i really loved it. my mama is so funny. we headed home and st...
70's Rock Oct 23, 2009
wish me luck
i want to showerr. i need to go to bed soon because i have the college tour at noon and i have to be up, get ready, breakfast, n drive like 40mins-1hr to get there. and m...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 22, 2009
oooh man. i took my computer test today and it was a lot harder than i thought. i studied a lot, but i studied hard information. i studied all the multiple choice questio...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 22, 2009
get it together!
i've been doing nothing. i studied , test at 8 am, and i need to wake at 6 10. it's 12 28 right now. ugh. i wana get my permit.and i need a job. and i'm still exercising...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 22, 2009
get me outa here.
wow. i don't have classes on mwf so i just been relaxing at home. i woke up at 11am. and now it's 12 28 pm. my nephew is so funny today and just going crazy. lol. but i g...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 21, 2009

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