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i don't feel like doing ANYTHING today. it feels like another lazy day. thank goodness i don't have school work or anything else. yet, i do have to mail a phone back to ...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 19, 2009
oh man i've been so busy. yesterday was awesome nyc is too ridiculous to explain. the rides were awesome. people were awesome. food was awesome. everything was sooo amazi...
70's Rock Oct 18, 2009
ahh crazy day
i woke up at about 1 pm. brit called and we made plans to hang out so i rushed out the house and was running off/on to get to the bus stop i made it there a couple minute...
70's Rock Oct 17, 2009
exercise tips?
i am about to get on the treadmill again tonight.. and i know a lot of people on here exercise, i've seen their blogs. do you have any tips? i want to lose lbs quickl...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 15, 2009
no more dressing nice and etc for someone else. i dressed all up today.. to not be looked at or anything .. so it was a pretty corny day .. it's frustrating.. but it's ra...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 15, 2009
today .. awful
today was awful. i don't even want to write about it. just know, it was awful. but i got my spanish homework done. talked to someone new, pretty cool prospect. and i work...
90's Hits Oct 14, 2009
oooh boy .. ride of my life
okay so my dad was taking me to get bloodwork done and my street runs into a highway. so we get on the highway for about a block (a block here is very big) and we get a f...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 14, 2009
today's awesome.
today is great. i tried to post a blog, but got caught up in something and when i came back to post it my session was logged out.. so here we go ..  awesome day...
Jazz Music Oct 13, 2009
i got my haircut ! i love it so much =) ooh yes. today is going soo well. my aunt is coming over to have dinner at my house. i'm going to make my notecards to study from ...
Jazz Music Oct 12, 2009
morning! =)
i just woke up. i'm so tired. and i have so much to do. thank goodness it's not a lot of traveling all over the place. or going to classes. being able to do things at hom...
70's Rock Oct 12, 2009

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